Working in an Office, Keeping Fit and Completing Tasks as per Schedule

With endless working hours, gone are the days when going to the gym was considered as one of the best options to stay fit. Today, staying in shape has slipped to the bottom of everyone’s to do list. But, if you have not been getting time to workout due to your work timings, I suggest the following simple steps at work that can help you stay in shape:

Going up the stairs (but not for heart patients):

Climbing the stairs not only helps burn calories but also gets your heart pumping and increases blood circulation. But that does not mean you take the stairs if your office is on the 20th floor. Only if your office is on the 3rd or 4th floor, this option is good for you.

Walking as much as possible without making the work suffer:

Another good way of exercising in office is to brisk walk in your office compound for a while after lunch. Also get into the habit of doing your work all by yourself. For instance, instead of shooting a mail to a co-worker, who sits just a few cubicles away, why don’t you just get up from your seat and go discuss it with your colleague in his/her cubicle. This way your body is at least getting some sort of exercise. Also, if you drive down to work daily, we suggest you park your car a little far away from your office and walk down a bit. Well, we know it’s not much of a calorie burner but if you do this for a week, you’ll surely notice some difference in yourself. Even walking to and from the office can help a lot if the distance is reasonable say 1 or 2 km?

Do not empty office pantry stuff if dishes are tasty.

If you love eating deep fried food, sweets, canned food or like drinking aerated drinks, you’re never ever going to lose weight, unless you totally stop all of that. Secondly, this food at desk culture is the perfect recipe for over eating. So, to avoid doing that, we suggest you go for lunch with your colleagues instead of sitting alone and eating. It is also healthy to eat 5 to 10% less than your capacity. Meaning one should not feel after eating a tight stomach like a fully blown balloon.

Take a Break:

It is necessary to break away from all your routine work for a few minutes. You would be surprised to know what a 10 minute break for working out the kinks can to do to your body. There are many such at the desk exercises that help relieve tension in arms and legs.

While you won’t be achieving the best of shapes by following these tips, it will at least keep you fit, energetic and get you through the day easily.

Some easy desk exercises to do at work:

  1. Glance at the wall clock and do away with a minute’s worth of kinks.
  2. Sitting in your chair, lift one leg and keep it straight out. Sit in that position for 2 minutes then lower your foot. Repeat the same with the other leg.
  3. To work your chest and shoulders, place both your hands on your chair arms and slowly lift your bottom off the chair. Hold this position for a few seconds and then lower your back on to the chair.
  4. Try this yoga posture: Sit facing forward, then turn your head to the left and your torso to the right, hold it for a few seconds. Repeat.

After all the above methods are to keep fit but one should also complete the tasks as per a stipulated time schedule. The projects can be completed well in time provided one has the job knowledge, dedication to work and necessary skills. Completing the tasks does not mean your office behavior is manner less. Please remember you have to follow proper office etiquette and maintain office decorum. Dressing also must be formal to suit an office and not casual or as you like. Another point I would like to stress is good relations with all concerned in the organization and polite interaction. With all these success is bound to come.

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