Impressing your Superiors

It has been a long time since you spent some quality time with your spouse or went on that overnight trip that your friends were planning for months, but getting leave is always an issue. You simply cannot muster up the courage to ask your immediate superior to whom you are reporting for a leave when you have had one just last week. Last week’s leave was for some essential ritual at home. So, how to do you impress your boss to grant you a leave without putting in actual extra unpaid hours, potentially work weekends.

Here is a little help with a few no-effort ways which when done for a week are bound to impress your boss and give you that leave you want so badly.

If you know that your immediate superior reports at 8:50 every day, be there at 8:45. So that when he enters the office and sees you, he will be impressed with your keenness and eagerness to work.  Also, staying at the desk for five minutes till after your boss departs gives an impression of extra-dedication to work.

It is advisable to learn what makes your immediate superior dislike the most and avoid doing that for until actually you can manage to get the leave. Even continue this throughout after your leave to impress your boss. He or She does not like to be interrupted after lunch hour or is in a negative mood every morning, avoid talking to her / him.

One of the best ways to remain in your boss’s good graces is to constantly make him aware of your presence by good work and completing projects in time. For this, do not make number of visits to him or her asking for work that will just creep him or her out, rather volunteer. When volunteers are asked for a certain project be the first to put your hand up. That way, in front of your boss, you will look dedicated, engaged and eager.

This is going to require a little amount of effort from your side. As this is not school no one is going to come to you and assign you with class work. You have to ask what can be done to help, or just take on some task yourself. What you can also do is take on a task which every body is been avoiding because it either too much or just too boring.

Whatever you do, make sure that your boss knows that you have taken it on so and so is aware of the additional workload. He/she will think of you as a hard working employee.

Even if your job is as boring as some of the serials on Radio or TV these days fake enthusiasm whenever possible. Plaster a big smile on your face, talk some big buzz words while on the phone and your boss will think you are a truly dedicated worker.

In fact, more and more organizations are supporting water cooler conversations as they strengthen employee bonding. Who says gossip has to be malicious?  Here are some reasons why you too should indulge in it:

Trust us, gossip will help you make more friends than your IQ level or fashion sense (that is if you have one). Colleagues who gossip together are happier than ones who indulge in pure professional talk. This is because people find similarities between one another in a gossip sessions and bond better to make friends

And gossiping need not be office back biting only it can be about personal lives, commuting woes, shopping trips, radio, politics etc.

Gossiping is a harmless way of venting frustration, sharing insecurities and connecting with others to feel good. At times if bitching about someone makes you feel good then go ahead with it, as long as it’s not vicious. It can help best your social and professional worries. It can also help build your confidence.

You will be one of the most sought after persons in your office if you give good scoop every now and then. Having inside information can make you feel powerful. It will also help you stay ahead of others in crucial professional matters. Moreover, people who gossip also invariably build better networks within an organization and get powerful.

Most people enjoy gossip as it gives them information they wouldn’t have laid their hands on otherwise. You can get a whole lot of information in a gossip session, i.e. stuff you wouldn’t come to know otherwise.

It will give you an insight on how trustworthy or reliable people are, and who can be trusted with what type of information. This kind of information can help you succeed and stay away from dubious characters. However, a careless word can land you in trouble. You never talk bad about the company at the coffee breaks or water cooler gossips. Some material at these gossip sessions can be passed on to the boss also.

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