HR’s New Method of Stress Busting

Organizations are taking many initiatives to help their employees address issues arising out of stress at the workplace, the latest stress busting measure that HR is resorting to increase morale which will help employees’ true potential to come out and will help them in their work. HR initiatives taken is gaining immense prominence at the workplace.

HR in one of the initiatives in training creates impossible situations through our mental blocks. This program ensures to eliminate out those blocks and makes the mind more stable, erases fear and helps take more practical decisions.

Enough has been said and discussed about the ongoing situation and its impact on productivity of employees worldwide. Also, it’s known fact that the current economic situation has thrown a lot of challenges at employers and employees alike. This has led to increased stress levels and added immense pressure on employees for they are expected to deliver more in the presence of less resources. Hence, in an endeavor to address issues arising out of increased stress levels among employees, organizations are leaving no stone unturned to ensure that their employees are able to keep stress at bay and productivity levels high. Amongst the many initiatives undertaken by HR departments across organizations, one very unique and new initiative gaining ground, is the concept of making employees take on impossible tasks and come out successfully. The advantages derived out of this practice promises to have a positive impact on the productivity and efficiency of employees. And hence, in a quest to achieve just that, many companies are encouraging their employees to experience this out of the box concept and derive maximum benefit out of it.

It expects the employee to do what we can call is “walk on fire”. Fire – walking is the act of walking barefoot over a bed of hot embers or stones. It has a long history in many cultures as a test or proof of faith and is also used in modern motivational seminars and fund-raising events as a self empowering, motivational activity. There is a lot of fear in our minds. The kind of result we obtain depends on the way we think and how we behave. We are empowered with lots of energy and power within ourselves and once we realize that power, every fear fades away and success becomes achievable. Talking about how an organization came up with the idea of getting their employees experience this unique exercise. A company had started a new business vertical in India with new product lines. At that time, employees were subjected to a lot of pressure due to added responsibilities they had to shoulder, in a quest to attain superior delivery. It was important to make, employees acquaint with this concept and imbibe in them the need to understand that success, under stressful times, can be achieved through self-confidence and persistence.

Towards the end of the day, one feels more rejuvenated and self-reliant about one’s skills and self. So, how has this initiative helped people fight stress and made them feel more confident about themselves? A few endeavors may seem difficult at the workplace, but when you actually attempt it, you may find them easy. The fire walk too seems to be impossible at the start, but then the misconception gets shattered eventually. Employees are more confident of themselves now. They have grown more competent and are more interested to work with the best of their efforts to get the best of their output. Individual and company goals seem to run hand in hand in the minds all employees.

HR in the organization creates impossible situations through our mental blocks. This program hammers out those blocks and makes the mind more stable, erases fear and helps take more practical decisions. HR says they can certainly challenge and break our limits. They also say they need to find out their real potential and the power hidden inside. Once we do it, we can perform well in ways more than one. We make the participants focus and concentrate on the mission are targeting. This requires patience and concentration. On completion of the seminar, the participants gain confidence, patience and become more goal oriented.

The increasing popularity of this concept is that it says, people keep harboring guilt about relationships, financial problems, health issues etc. But the fact is that all guilt must be eliminated if we want to realize our true potential. Strong conviction and guilt make uneasy companions. They work for the complete transformation of individuals that includes the acceptance of accountability and responsibility.

So if you feel that stress at work or home is taking its toll on you, go ahead and experience this mind boggling exercise of walking on fire and unleash the power within you.

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