Global Internship

Everyone understands the importance of internships. Students take up part-time jobs in organizations to know how they function and companies are more than happy to employ them. However, it’s not just local students who are exploring Indian organizations. Ivy League graduates are coming to India to get a feel of what it’s like to work in an Indian multinational and companies are hiring interns from universities across the globe to give them an insight as to how Indian organizations work.

It’s the India story which creates the maximum pull for the students. Also, the roles given are highly challenging have strategic imperatives and provide for tremendous learning and growth. The empowerment given in the roles is another huge attraction to work here. Most of all, they are keen to get international exposure early in their careers before returning to the US to do a MBA or work further. They started their programs called ‘The Overseas Recruitment program’ in the year 2004 and started hiring interns from Ivy League colleges. M&M has initiated two programs; a short term program of two-three months and a two year contract at the end of which the recruit has the option of extending the assignment for as long as he/she wants. Currently they have twelve interns from various Ivy League universities include Yale, Princeton Harvard, Columbia and the University of Pennsylvania. They pick a handful of students so that they get a full exposure as to how M&M works. And while they work here, they are paid the salary that Indian employees get and provide them with accommodation on a shared basis. Interaction with local employees helps them to understand and respect the core values of the organization and helps the Company to appreciate cross-cultural issues.

Patni is also one of the IT companies apart from Infosys and Wipro to join the league of hiring Ivy League interns for their summer internship program. They have students from Ivy League applying for internships on their online program. On the basis of the applications, interns are chosen and they work for a period of three months. Once here, they are given the opportunity to work on live projects, They also go through an induction process which includes a training session on cultural orientation.

This is a training exercise for them as they get to know as to how the Indian organization works and also helps the organization to understand their work culture. It also helps in building good relationships and is helpful for the organization in the future as some of these interns might end up becoming future clients of Patni.

The work that the interns handle is for a three month period designed to initiate a symbiotic relationship between the interns and the organization, where they get an opportunity to conduct detailed analysis on client projects and operated as a project manager with project plans, milestone and due dates. They also analyze project margin to optimize project profitability team structure etc. In addition to this, the internship also involves meeting and exchanging ideas with interns from premier business schools of US and India.

KPIT Cummins Infosystems Ltd has also initiated a global internship program called ‘The Global Technology Village’. They ensure that the internship period is no less than one year, which is sufficient to add value to the intern as well as KPIT. In the past few years, they have had six interns coming from Germany, Poland Canada and Japan.

The work given to the foreign interns is no different than the work given to their Indian students. It starts with the basic training followed by client projects. We also get students for strategic and marketing related profiles. Some of the research material provided by these interns can be highly valuable, since the insight that they provide us is quite unique.

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