Proper Dress for All Official Occasions

Casual dress, formal dress, office dress you call it by any name but it should meet the approval of superiors and customers as well to give the desired effect. Of course the approval means not spoken outwardly but must generate good feelings among the persons you are meeting.

Regular office, Business meeting, office party, new job, meeting with customer inside the office and meeting or inviting a customer one must be dressed appropriately and the first impression is one that will last a while; and how you dress is a big part of it.
While India Inc. advances towards various contemporary corporate trends when it comes down to making an impression there is only one way to do it right. In today’s corporate scenario, it is important to be in your best form in order to be taken seriously by your colleagues and superiors. It is not saying that if you don’t look the part you are hired or applying for, it will affect how you do your job. But in the fast paced environment that we now subsist in, people are quick to judge and how you dress is a big part of their opinion. If you make an effort to look your part, it is a given that it will be appreciated and eventually help you somewhere along the way. Apart from how it impacts the people you work with, in a corporate scenario where meeting clients is involved even an individual with a creative and non-conventional job profile has to be in formal attire.

As far as deciding the appropriate attire goes, the best is to observe and adopt. Look at how the team you are joining dresses and carry themselves and try to adopt similar behaviourisms. It is not vital to be well dressed as it is to be appropriately dressed, for the job. Appearance matters more in the case of a sales /marketing person. He would usually be seen in formals, as he would have to interact more with clients in meetings. On the other hand, someone in a creative field would dress more casually, where what you wear does not matter so long as your work is doing the talking. It must be kept in mind that being smartly dressed creates a positive impression in the minds of others. But, also over doing it can have a negative effect as it may give out the notion that you are trying too hard.

Even as someone relatively new at work or in the field for that matter, appearances are important. According to me, appearances do matter to a great a extent because when on the job you tend to meet new people every day it is really important to present yourself well. For an intern there is really no a particular dress code. But again that does not mean he or she could dress the way they want. They are in a learning process and have to meet new people and attend various events. So the intern has to maintain at least a semi-formal attire. When you are seen putting in that added effort, you are taken seriously and your work is appreciated.
Thus, while there are no carved-in–stone rules on how to dress on the job, it is important that one keeps in mind the work environment and job profile. If you fail to adhere to either, it is likely that your professional competence and judgment may well come into question.

Dresses you need to consider while dressing for the job:

Think about what makes you comfortable. Ask yourself what kind of attire makes you feel like you are doing your job properly. The more comfortable you feel, the better you will perform at work.

Look around. Ask yourself questions and take notes from the way your subordinates carry themselves. All the effort you put in is an attempt to blend in well. The best way to learn is by observing.

Ask friends in similar fields, if you are going to work at a legal firm and have a friend who also works in a similar environment ask them what they wear at their job. Show your friend your planned outfit for your first day on the new job and ask them if they think it is appropriate. Getting an objective outside opinion can do wonders.

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