Professionals work must match personality

The best way to live up to this adage is to choose a profession that matches your personality. It is a common perception most outgoing individuals make successful professionals, irrespective of ones professional arena. But ask a self confessed extrovert if he will be happy doing a data entry job the whole day and he will probably be intimidated at the very thought of it. If one is among those who like to be surrounded by people and can do justice to the word ‘team work’ there a few points given as under,

An extrovert is an outgoing individual who is sociable and companionable. They thrive in an environment that is team oriented, informal, creative, and competitive. Cut throat competition and dynamics times make it crucial for aspirants to make a suitable career choice. If an individual is an introvert and is expected to do a job that involves a lot of outdoor activities and meeting people, and vice versa, then the result is self explanatory. Therefore, if a person is successful in making the perfect match, it actually means the first towards success. Ones personality type plays a vital role in the profession he chooses.

Careers best suited for extroverts are the ones that offers an environment for effective communication, interaction with people, intellectual inputs and decision making.

Apart from mainstream careers like retail, sales and marketing, customer support management, mass media etc there are hordes of new age career options like radio jockeying, video jockeying, reality TV anchor etc that offer extroverts an opportunity to explore their personality traits.

Proper career planning can take an individual to places, provided the career he chooses offers a platform to use skills and flourish.

Here are the four personality subtypes among extroverts and the careers at which they are most likely to excel:

Responders are eager to act. They are observant and quick to see problems and opportunities. They are good at fixing things or getting things done the right away.

Explorers look for patterns. They naturally link ideas together and see connections and possibilities. Explorers see every situation as an opportunity to try something different. They are drawn to work that requires them to anticipate the future and create new ideas.

Expeditors like logical analysis that leads to quick and efficient decision making. They critique situations, spot flaws, decide on the best course of action and take immediate steps to mobilize people to get the job done. Expeditors are time and task focused so they miss opportunities to enjoy the moment and relax.

Contributors want to connect with others, cooperate and create harmony. They are strong team players, good at organizing and coordinating activities. Contributors rely on others for positive feedback.

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