Unwanted Attention – Thankyou, but no Thankyou!

How many of us have walked into our workplaces to be a cynosure ? It may give us an ego boost when we receive the same at a party . However, a professional environment would require acknowledgement at a whole new level. Our work makes us who we are , hence when the attention received gets into the wrong quarters, the result remains challenged!

I am new to the working atmosphere as this is my 1st job, but gradually I encountered a problem with the behaviour of my boss… can u plz help me to deal with this guy ??

Source: How to deal a flirty boss

Not every unwanted attention can be easy to manage. Here are a few ways to set the message right without unruffling feathers.

Remain respectful and gracefully draw a line. Nothing works better than a refined demeanor.

Its easy to criticize and difficult to appreciate. Strike a balance with acknowledging human flaws, yet find divinity in them.

Think in terms of future references. Identify how would you want the person in question to identify with you, at a later point of time.

An investment of patience in time reaps the best reward, than any hasty action.

Guard against self-judgment and biases. Nothing works better than remaining non-personal , while dealing with such an ordeal at a daily basis.

In no time, most of the actions would seem to loose its power , hence, die its own death.

Choose to work with such a visibility, not to manipulate but to gain trust. Focus on activities that would benefit many and build in the support for a common good.

“The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.” – Hans Hofmann

Tell us how would you deal with this situation , building synergy and without ruffling any feathers ? Here are few witty suggestions from this video if you may wish to learn a little more on Emotional Intelligence