Young CEOs

CEOs young or senior must have the will, vision and entrepreneurial qualities in them. Sometimes they have to start from scratch or scrap most of the existing business and induct new ideas and systems. It may not be surprising if few more products are added or they discontinue production of some old products. But all this has to come from the CEO.

Expert consultants have defined an entrepreneur as one who undertakes innovations, has finance and business acumen in an effort to transform innovations into economic goods. Even still, in some way the true definition translated into high-field degrees and economic backing. Today’s teenagers defying all norms, prove how entrepreneurship is all about hard work and creative thinking. Today, all you need is a combination of a good idea, time and broadband.

By the time you get the perfect idea or the perfect opportunity the train of success would have left. Start right away and you can learn on the way. He is today the proud CEO of ABC Co., a marketing and advertising agency. He, along with his team, manages everything from direct response to product launches, licensing, strategic partnerships, public relations, product placements and digital media buying. Describing his own experience he added when he was 16 he started ABC Co., in a short span of one and a half years, the firm is one of the biggest agency serving vendors in the genre of web designing. Being a teen CEO is full of advantages. Everybody respects people who have good things going for themselves and it’s amazing to see the support and attention he gets when he goes for conferences or seminars. That alone is worth the effort of establishing your own company.

Entrepreneurship is neither a science nor an art. It is a practice that is not bound by age.

Nobody talks of entrepreneurship as survival but that’s exactly what it is and what nurtures creative thinking. However, you need more than just creative ideas to successfully run a business. Another entrepreneur AR founded OSCAR Foundation at seventeen and he admits that being a teenager in a CEOs world is a tough job to have. He adds when he started OSCAR he faced many challenges: lack of support from his parents and friends. At first, his parents did not support him as they wanted him to concentrate on his education. Fortunately, as they watched my venture flourish, things improved gradually. These were the difficulties he faced. However, he received a lot of exposure for his work, and immense support from various organizations. Personally, his communication skills and self-confidence has improved drastically in-turn helping him create a good network in India and abroad.

Entrepreneurship has a lot to do with being able to take risks and impulsive decisions. The advantage that comes with being a teenager is that on most occasions they have a can-do spirit. A teenager probably doesn’t wait to consider that something won’t work. And that’s their major reason for success. Moreover, even though many may assume that teen CEOs face the problem of not being taken seriously enough, but the fact is its just the opposite. The industry has accepted the reality of teenagers with the potential to run a business and that only adds to their advantage. Today, the only sentiments coming your way as a teen CEO are those of respect and admiration. Thus the challenges faced by teen CEOs are quite similar to those faced by anyone who is attempting to run a successful business.

It is believed that entrepreneurship is all about biting off more than you can chew, hoping you will learn along the way. There is never a perfect time to start a business; the key factor is a solid idea and the determination to see it through. Do not think just implement. Every aspiring entrepreneur waits for things to be perfect so he /she can start their ventures. I can say from personal experience, things are never going to be perfect.

Consequently if you are a teenager with a great idea, implement it. Take a change. If nothing at least you know you have time on your side. For that matter all dynamic individuals of all ages must accept the challenges and fulfill their job as a CEO.

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