Language, at Its Best

Do you constantly work upon your language skills? Is this development fueled by a career need or purely the love for the language? Do you prepare by the global standards? In this journey,  how about understanding the benchmark and parameters for communication? Here’s an event that acknowledges and awards the communicators as per  the ESOL parameters.

Business English Students shine in International Speaking Competition

ESOL, University of Cambridge arranged for the speaker’s competition. Students from Pune walked away with top honour sat the regional finals of the University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations’ ‘Best YoungSpeaker of Cambridge English in Asia’ held at Symbiosis ELTIS, Pune on 11th February 2012.

The participants were selected from over 4000 students across the nation based on their performance in the Cambridge English Business Certificates (BEC) exams between March and November 2011.Participants battled it out for a place in the national finals in 2012. With several attractive prizes to be won at the nationals finals, the stakes were high and students pulled out all stops to wow the judges with their PowerPoint presentations and impromptu speaking skills. Judges from Cambridge ESOL and British Council had a tough time deciding on the winner as participants gave power-pack presentations on topics such as social networking and job-hopping. Mr Sundarrajan, Professional English Manager All India said ‘The participants really held the attention of the large crowd with their exemplary public speaking skills’. There were two winners from Vishwarama Institute of Information Technology – Saurabh Zunke & Mikhail Advani along with Ayush Goyal from The Heritage School. All these  three participants finally emerged as winners. They will now compete with students from across the country at the National Finals for the opportunity to represent India at the international finals in Shanghai in June 2012.

The events were well-attended. The audience consisted predominantly of under-graduate college students as well as some post-graduate college students and young working professionals. Several college principals and department heads attended the event. Families of participants were also present.

My Reflections:

The attendees echoed effort for effective speaking in every presentation made by them. The winners were not just the ones who made it to the next level, but everyone who agreed to be a part of this journey. The event had participants making presentations in the first round and make an extempore speech in the second round. There were quizzes for the audiences with gift vouchers for every correct answer. Few such questions are as follows:

  • Why is ‘A’ like a flower? Because ‘B’ is after it
  • A boat that starts with cat – Catamaran
  • A word which has XYZ in serial order – Hydroxyzine
  • A word which has all the letters in an inverted format – Spoon feed
  • An author who has wells in him – H.G.Wells

Takeaways from this event:

  • Effectiveness of the content and delivery depends on the eagerness to win. Anxiety is a sign of discomfort , often a foreword for disagreement.
  • The art of making an extempore speech lies not just in making an effective point but a promise of exalting performance.
  • The answers to the question need not be known , the convictions to present them matters.
  • A winner is a combination of the parameters met in comparison to other participants.
  • Communication remains a combination of fluency, language enrichment and flow of ideas.
  • Fluency stands apart from connecting phrases, but managing synonyms, dead air, colloquial usages and other systemic errors.
  • Language enrichment includes the sentence formation with the straight message first, followed by a twist in the tale. Remain economical with words, yet the choicest ones.
  • Flow of ideas begins with the topic chosen , core concept sharing and finally leaving the audiences with a question.

Tell us about your effort that you have put so far and how would you want to work upon your language skills. Is there any way we can support you ? We wait to hear from you.