Poor quality – China made toys recalled

In this article we are trying to highlight and stress that poor quality cannot be accepted by customers whether made by China or any other big market name and giving an illustration as to how US acted on sub standard toys from China.

In India people are surprised and happy to grab cheap Chinese toys for their children. They do this without giving any thought for their loved ones about the safety of the toys. Some of the markets selling the Chinese toys are grey markets in India and the dealers or retailers take no responsibility for the quality of the toy and safety of children. In these markets such sub standard goods are dumped in by China. These dealers may not even pay the taxes and as such sell the goods so cheaply.

US toy making giant Mattel Inc recalled some models of Polly Pocket, Batman, Barbie and other Chinese made toys from Asian markets as part of a major worldwide exercise to remove the toys from shelves because of lead paint and tiny magnets that could be swallowed.

The global recall of more than 18 million toys, came nearly two weeks after Mattel, the US’ largest toy maker recalled 1.5 million Fisher Price infant toys world wide – also made in China because of possible lead paint hazards for children.

Mattel’s worldwide recall involved 436,000 die cast “Sarge” cars related to the character from the movie “Cars” because they contained lead paint. It also extended a recall of toys containing magnets that can be swallowed by children; they included Polly Pocket dolls and Batman action figures. That recall now encompasses 18.2 million magnetic toys worldwide

In Asia, Mattel has started issuing press releases to the media and notices to retailers on the recall. It said the recall in Asia makes up less than 2% of the world wide recall.

Mattel does not put a price tag on safety. While this recall will most certainly have some financial impact, the company is at the same time focusing all their efforts on communicating with their customers and rectifying the situation. Mattel Southeast Asia said in an emailed response to questions.

Mattel’s “Sarge” cars were manufactured by Early Light, a Honk Kong registered company that makes its toys in China. Early Light subcontracted the painting of the “Sarge” cars to another company. The Hong Kong Trade Development Council, a semi government body that markets Hong Kong businesses to the world, said it was concerned by the recall.

The council members are quite surprised as Hong Kong toy manufacturers are renowned for our quality and safety.

Mattel Australia recalled the “Sarge” car as well as a further 30 magnetic toys that include Polly Pocket toys, a Batman figurine and a Barbie accessory.

The toys have been sold at major toy retailers and supermarkets throughout Australia. The number involved in the latest recall is not yet known. Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, urged retailers to do more to test imported merchandise as global manufacturing increasingly centers on China.