Good Talent is the Need of the Hour

Talent is acquired by an individual based on his academic capability and grasping right things in an organization where he is working. The faster he or she will be able to grasp and implement the company’s goals, he or she will be able to achieve success that quickly.

In today’s talent starved market scenario, it has become imperative for organizations to widen their horizons by tapping into the talent of the tier 2 and 3 population as well.

It is a well known fact that there is always a need for good talent, among organizations. However, it has been observed that most of the times, these jobs are offered to the urban populace, leading to an increase in polarization between the rural and urban India, in terms of employment.

However, with the changing times, there seems to be a need for concerted programs to link the rural unemployed youth with the economy. And corporate India is acting on it. They are now targeting various other labor pools, across the country and are making them employable by honing their skills.

It is the urban rural divide that pauses the growth of the Indian economy. And the only way through which this divide can be bridged will be through various employment projects. And many organizations are on their way to make this change. Like Amway India provides low cost and low risk entrepreneurial opportunity to aspiring individuals.  CEO, Amway India explains the procedure, “Anyone can join this business. Upon becoming an Amway Business Owner (ABO), the person needs to sell Amway products to his/her network of friends and relatives and earn commission and bonuses from Amway.”

On similar lines, a Technology company provides training services that allow enhancement of professional skills. They provide the youth post training placement opportunities that can help them in joining as a fresher and there after attaining experience in some other company.

It is a known fact that the small town population of India is not equipped with the right resources, in terms of education and skill sets. And this is where the right training comes in. Experts say that with the right course of action and training, this youth can be made employable, thus helping them in finding a livelihood. So the question that arises here is what kind of training do these candidates require. The CEO explains that they believe the goal of a training program is not to give the candidate a certificate, but help him/her find employment. And the program should concentrate on training them on the missing skills sets like basic organizational discipline, customer service, cash handling, sales expertise etc.

A director of marketing of a leading communications company concurs and adds “Our Hughes Net Fusion Kiosks provide rural India an opportunity to up skill themselves through Interactive Online Learning (IOL) classes being delivered over this network. Some of the courses delivered on this platform are preparatory classes for medical, engineering and other vocational, career oriented course, English speaking classes, mobile repair courses, BPO training etc.

Though a lot has been said and done with regard to this topic, the question that arises here is if this kind of training is really working in favor of the aspirants? Experts say yes. They say that thanks to the concentrated effort, many aspirants are now getting opportunities to work in an organization. Over the last few years, over 1,500 students have benefited from their program. They plan to take this a step further and launch over 8,500 kiosks across India.

Through post training placement opportunities they have created about 6000 jobs for digitizing and collating public records over the last 7 years. Most people of these employers have moved on to find jobs in BPO companies and government organizations.

One should have basic talent that can be developed individually and with the support, training and development of the organization as well. But the individual must have the zeal to develop him or herself and improve upon their talents. That is the reason we find one becoming CEO and above and others remain lower. These organizations are among the very few who are doing what it takes. So, if you are looking for the right talent your search ends here.

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