Human resource and other areas of industry


The hi-tech industry dominates the shop floor. The role of the people in today’s production process is crucial.

Production practices in today’s industry are assigning the total work to teams of workers and empowering them. The empowered teams produce the qualitative products. The knowledge workers with the help of advanced technology improve the productivity beyond the normal levels. According to Aspi Balsara, CEO of Balsara Hygiene,� easy access to technology has made people the differentiating factor in today’s environment.

Marketing and Human Resources

Companies are forced to improve the quality of products, quality of pre-sales and post-sales service, customer- producer interface and the like. Added to this, service sector has been enlarging its scope in the global economy. CEO of Hindustan Thompson Associates puts it, “it is the rising demand from customers that is making people increasingly important�.

Management Technique and Human Resources

The 21st century business houses realize that their distinctive competencies lie not in particularly products, or technologies but in distinctive expertise and knowledge pool and skills of their people. Reengineered processes will not bring improvements unless the top managements ensure that their people’s mindsets are also reengineered. Therefore, successful management techniques are focusing directly on people.

Organizational Structure and Human Resources

The modern structure is a pattern for deployment of people. The objective of structuring of modern organizations is to make the best possible use not only of technology, finance, or systems but also of people. Companies, in order to concentrate on the customer, are dismantling vertically functional departments and replacing them

with horizontal cross functional and process-centric empowered teams. The emphasis is on resourcefulness, initiative, autonomy and responsibility of the process –owners.

This analysis indicates that human resources are crucial in all operations (Table below) to reach the innovative frontiers of business. Human resources of superior caliber and understanding are a must. Such human resources are essentially, an important asset of the top management.

Human Resources and Operations

Crucial Role

People provide
knowledge to organizations.
Products design is an outcome
of sustained personal innovation.
People spread
knowledge across the company.
Production is the result of
teamwork applied to technology.
People convert
knowledge into efficient action.
Marketing is the sum of people
devised service added to products.
Total Quality Management is
the application of human intelligence to improve processes.

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