Switching Sectors – Career Transitions

How many of us have changed sectors irrespective of others holding our chances low ? I changed it thrice. Each time I started , I was told , I don’t stand a chance. My transition took time but this is how I found my way :

  • I focused on the sector and the role I wanted to shift.
  • Connected , communicated and dug every opportunity to interact with the talent who were already delivering the roles I wanted. Not that I received every inside information, but I gained an adequate amount of knowledge .
  • My best source of information was the  countless number of interviews, I appeared for. I knew I didn’t stand a chance and would be rejected, so would interact a lot with the interviewers to understand the roles and the challenges they realised, I would have. This was priceless information. These were the loopholes I worked through , while preparing for my next interview.
  • Part-time roles and paid volunteering remained a far flung idea, so I used to take up projects with my buddies . Most of these remained free. Moonlighting worked best during my third transition. I was well prepared by the time I was offered the role.
  • I started small , each time I stepped into a new sector. Every negotiation requires a trade-off.  Win-win situation is achieved , when one knows what to settle for . While switching, taking up a temporary role in a small firm allowed me to take up a similar role in a large firm , once I was ready for it.

Have you ever shifted from a BPO to IT ? Here’s a case where an individual is stuck. He needs an appropriate solution:

I have completed my BCA graduation in 2007 and am working in a BPO company. I would like to shift my career from BPO to Software industry but the problem is that no software company wants to recruit me because I completed my degree long back. I did a diploma course in Oracle hoping that this could help me have a switch-over but all I could do was end up with frustration.

Wherever I go, they ask for experience. I have got the skills that employers want but I have never been given a chance to take up the interview. I worked hard to learn Oracle. Honestly, I have tried 13 software companies in Chennai but they don’t even consider my resume (Note: All of them said neither my BPO experience will be counted nor will I be considered as a fresher). Everybody pushes me to put fake experience in my resume but I never want to do that. Having said that, I cannot give up trying for a software job since I spent a lot of money on learning Oracle.

My Question is :

  • Why am I being denied by these software companies even though I have got the skills?
  • Is the recruitment system in our software companies fair?

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Few options to switch to an IT firm are as suggested below:

  • Joining any IT organization with an ITO arm, such as Accenture, Mphasis and Wipro, which have few units such as Service Desk or other ITO business. This kind of role would value the BPO experience. Furthermore these firms have a policy of Internal Transfer which can be availed after working for 18 months. The employee can apply for vertical transfer internally, through IJP. Here the transition from ITO to IT would be possible , when coupled with an equally good internal career path.
  • Joining a smaller IT organization or even a start-up firm which will need these skill sets , but might not keep a prior experience as a deal breaker.
  • A certification or even a skill upgrade. Even though Oracle certification was completed, it did not result with a job. Hence an upgrade to make it marketable stands as an option. A PMP certification is an option , though placement would depend on the projects handled. A Six Sigma Certification is another option that can be considered.
  • Projects available online can be availed , but that will only add to the experience. It cannot offer a  direct employment.

What are the options that you know, which will work ? Tell us how many ways would the suggestions made here may fail and how to pre-wire them. Have you made a similar transition? Tell us how did you make it possible?

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