Consumer class to Malls

In India malls are considered a novelty, though in developed countries, people are matter of fact about these. Since there is no entrance fee charged at malls they are frequently visited by all kinds of people.

Samsika Retail Visit Module, which covered 1,172 consumers in 14 towns of India duringJune July this year has classified consumers visiting malls into nine categories. Surprisingly, just four of them are actively productive consumers.

* Tired consumer: These are non-productive. Such consumers are usually just bored. They are hit by work fatigue and find solace in visiting malls for a change. The idea is to get away from the drudgery. When questioned these consumers, replied they visit malls because there is a lot of activity there and attractive people to look at .

* Attired consumers: These are the productive type. They come to malls purposefully with the intention of buying their own attire. Be it jeans, shorts, salwar kameez, a watch , a belt or shoes – the attired consumer will buy it all. They do not think twice before spending and would occasionally even go to the extent of buying jewelry. Malls are said to be reacting pretty strongly to this chain.

* Retired consumer: Samsika Retail Module describes this set of consumers as highly productive, but claims that they are not taken seriously by malls as they pay more attention for the younger crowd. Sales persons at malls are seen to be paying too much attention to these consumers. But the fact is retired consumers have both time and money. As far as children are concerned their responsibilities are over. They have the buying power. All they want is respect. If they don’t get it at malls, they would be very happy to go back to their old, neighborhood departmental store. Though the retired consumer can be productive, malls are not taking advantage of this kind of consumer.

* Admired consumer: These are basically window shoppers. They would window shop outside a shop or inside a shop. But, they rarely make purchases. Therefore they are non-productive types. Malls are hopeful that the admired consumer would transform into the attired consumer.

* Aspired consumer: They are highly productive. They come with the deliberate intention to buy quality products. They aspire to upgrade each time they come to a mall, be it in foods, information technology or fashionable attire. The aspired consumer always wants to know ‘What is new?’ The mall is thus right place for them and they are the right consumer for a mall.

* Desired consumers: These are not productive, but could become so in time to come. They have ardent desire to buy things at a mall but do not have the buying power. They would go from mall to mall to look around and treat their eyes, but would finally end up at the food court. Malls see a future in the desired consumers.

* Fired consumer: They are people who indulge in occasional tiffs with sales persons. Their favorite line is “call the manager” Such consumers usually disrupt the atmosphere and the mood of serious shoppers as well.

* Hired consumer: Ever since malls have come up, market research has gained importance. It is important to understand what consumers like in a mall, why they are there, what is it that they would like to change? The hired consumers’ market research people throng malls in search for consumers insights. They are not there to make purchases, and thus, they are the unproductive types.

* Wired consumer: They are IT savvy and frequent malls to satiate their ever growing hunger for the latest gadget. Sale of laptops, latest phones, iPods, pen drives and electronics attract such people. Wired consumers are very productive for malls. But there is a catch. Malls must update with the latest happenings in the IT world if they have to cater to the needs of the wired consumer. The sales person better be as knowledgeable, if not more, than the wired consumer about the latest in technology.