I did It ‘list’- Positive Psychology, a Far Cry or a Reality?

Managing productivity is simple , when you have tools to track your schedule , to support your business decisions. What about introspection on what you have achieved through what you set out for? This is not about a philosophical outlook, but takeaways from our everyday work life. How do you count each day, with your work done or left to be completed ?

Imagine working on an undo-able project and being measured on it. A situation like this goes without noticing for most of us! Escape instincts would add on to toxic behavior. Living through the situation will create numbness , often impede learning. Acknowledging every little learning and creating a series of takeaway from them , requires a state of mind called ‘Optimism’ . Its not painting rosy clouds rather identifying and associating with the signs in the situation which can promise a constant flow of Dopamine.

I have recently enrolled for a course on Positive Psychology. This will be my journey to learn more about these situations, solution to them will remain a natural result . Here’s case, where a firm which is running low on revenue and is constantly loosing the best of talent, will require more than besties. There are many cases similar to this, such  as ‘how to save oneself from Termination‘, ‘Managing a senior with 15+ yrs of experience- Office Politics‘ , all stuck in cul-de-sac !

Managing challenges comes easy to those who remain gutsy about living the moment. What is the mechanism to live so fully without getting caught up? Is there any self-induced method to detox intellectually and emotionally? My learning from Neuro Linguistic Programming helps me to identify the schema , chunking and strategies to redefine of information that our brain receives. Mastering it will take years of practice. The effort to step out of the mental chatter and follow these mental faculties , acting not out of fear or insecurities but objectivity, will require higher level understanding of human nature. The triggers to a response are prolific, scurrying us through what we perceived as our ideal self! Strangely, these are the areas that I am looking forward to learn. Here’s a list of what will add value to my learning. Tell us how do you think this can be implemented better or remains a far cry from reality.

  • Tools and systems that leads to Positive Psychology
  • Mind Mapping through the situations intertwined with high stakes and human emotions
  • Connecting intangibles to tangible results
  • How is it different from inspiration: As I write this , I have been awake for more than two days. In spite of long hours, this seems to be the best and most productive time to me. Is this positive psychology? How is this different from motivation and passion for what we love to do ? What are the drivers and how does it remain unaffected with the anti-forces ?
  • How do we work the principles in spite of resistance from our environment or the talent whom we are allocated to coach? Does it help the ones, who keeps a different view to life such as the high risk-oriented ones ?
  • Word associations, randomization, forced living conditions, and peers remain the chieftains of triggers. How does positive psychology offer a different approach to it ?

Here’s the course I have enrolled for  Positive Psychology for Practitioners . This video offers  food for thought on this note !

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