MN is a talented candidate with necessary qualifications and got selected in a reputed Organization. It seemed like the perfect opportunity, the perfect job offer. This job was what he always needed to fulfill his dream of being what he aspired to be. MN quit his present job and jumped at the opportunity of moving into a new arena. But then, he realizes that this new job is nothing like what he had imagined. He is stuck. And his previous job and organizations seems like heaven.

He was disturbed and wondering as to his next course of action. Stick around and hope for something good to happen since there is no probability of going back on the road he had left much behind? Hang on and don’t lose hope since many organizations are today are adopting the policy of rehiring ex-employees. Conventionally re-hiring was an unacceptable practice but these days, organizations are open to taking back those employees who had quit their jobs in order to move towards greener pastures.

Some organizations believe ‘rehiring’ is a good thing for both the organization and the employee because both know what to expect out of each other. An employee wants to come back because the previous organization is always a known territory and has a certain comfort level associated with it. Rehiring is not a bad policy and in these organizations with a rehiring policy they always welcome the ex employees, if they are willing to work again possibly with a higher designation, if eligible, depending up on the experience gained and responsibilities held in other organizations.

Employees may leave because either they are dissatisfied with the current job profile or they feel there is a need to explore other career growth prospects. But, then at some point of time, they choose to go back to their old organization because of familiar working conditions and possibly a better working environment.

Recruitment experts identify such employees as, ‘boomerangs” and they also confirm that this phenomenon is a smart recruitment strategy. The organization encourages ex-employees who had voluntarily left to rejoin another organization and not those who had been terminated. Mostly, the employees who seek to return are those who had left some windows open for the company to observe them in their role outside. The selection process for the ex-employee will be the same as for new recruit.

Often re-hires have gained in experience, wisdom and maturity and are equipped with better abilities to perform and be more productive at work than before. Re-hiring helps the organization cut down training cost, brings down the productivity lost due to time taken by a new hire to start producing results enhances employer branding, ensures better fit clarity on both sides – employer as well as employee and brings diverse experience to the organization.

One cannot deny the fact that re hiring is an intelligent practice and many organizations have opened their doors to ex employees in the recent times. But then what is the guarantee that the employee will not repeat the same mistake and quit? According to HR experts their tenure will be longer and hopefully till retirement.

Usually the organization and the re hired employees communicate with each other more openly than earlier. A re hire already knows an organization; therefore, there aren’t any culture shocks involved. An ex- employee has already ventured in the job market and worked with organizations. In case he / she is ready to rejoin an organization, it clearly means that he / she rates the organization better than other organization and chances of quitting again are low. A habitual quitter can always be identified. Organizations need to find out whether the reason for quitting in the first instance was a genuine reason or not. The trend of re hiring is sure to catch on. This only proves that not always are the doors of destiny shut forever and there is always a second chance.

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