Punctuality leads to Success

Punctuality in a city like Mumbai is rare virtue. Creative excuses that people make when they are late and most of the people fail to stick to appointed time.

It is appalling to see people arrive late to work, meetings and even seminars. Lateness is now an accepted norm and fifteen to thirty minutes delay is routine. And if one is fifteen minutes late in starting from home, he can expect his day to end at least three hours late. It’s called the law of momentum in action.

Globalization today has brought many pressures and punctuality is one of them. Asians and Americans are much tolerant of lateness whereas European and people from the Middle East can’t stand it. The Urban Indian today is quite a globe trotter and lateness can causes more damage than one can ever imagine to one’s professional life.

Some common reasons for people being late:

A lot of people wake up late and that usually is the reason for arriving late at work. Traffic is just an excuse to cover up for the 15 minutes snoozes after the alarm rings. A suggestion here is to keep the alarm out of reach so that one must get up to switch it off. Avoid alarms next to pillow as that is a very is a very convenient snooze. And fix multiple alarms like fixing five or six alarms with a five minute gap. In case the first five failed to wake up at least the last one will do so. Even this does not work then the employee or person going for work should do something drastically to wake up.

Research shows that snoozes tire people by 45% and it is found that the snooze makes one more sluggish than jumping out of bed on the first wake up call.

Lack of time management is another factor for lateness. When a person assigns him self any task he must make sure that he does only that until it is done. Distraction such as attending phone calls; replying to SMSes, chatting online or just meandering away in the midst of action will eat into ones time. One will be surprised at his increased efficiency and speed if he just focuses on the work at hand and put distractions at bay.

There is no other reason for lateness, there are only excuses. There are no other reasons, may not include unforeseen circumstances. The beauty of unforeseen circumstances is that they are not a regular feature. Everything else is predictable and hence one must time oneself accordingly.

Traffic is not an unforeseen circumstance, so one must plan his travel time accordingly taking into consideration the density of traffic on his route. But an accident causing a traffic jam is an unforeseen circumstance.

In the event of such an emergency scenario, re-negotiate on the appointment or at least be courteous enough to inform the person concerned that you will be late. There is no point in pumping the accelerator or pressuring the cab driver to speed up.

The boss may even have to think of creative ways of having people in the office on time. In one office they have a Lucky Draw and Un-Lucky Draw every week. . Every time an employee is on or before time, their names are dropped in the lucky draw box and each time someone is late their name goes in the unlucky draw box. Every Friday they pick a lucky draw and the person wins a cash prize of Rs 1,000.

Time is all the while belongs to the individual and can be called his own. Respect it and spend it diligently because it is running out. Everyday you have lesser time than yesterday it is a resource that will end on a day. Realize that and make good us of it.

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