HR Summit on transforming leadership : HRM in turbulent times

The HR Sumit with the theme : Transforming Leadership : Human Resource Management in Turbulent Times opened a window of opportunity for many of the attending corporate dignitaries to understand the importance of employee retention through appreciation of their contribution towards maintaining and nurturing the invaluable human resources.

The Session began with Forbes Marshall CEO Mr.Ramani Iyer airing his views on the Performance V/s.Potential aspect of the Human Resources. He emphasized that HR’s job is to discover the potential in the employee and motivate him to perform well. He touched on the HR Hygiene & HR Development aspect in Corporates from where lot of inspirations come forth. Mr.Ramani Iyer has 45 years of rich Corporate experience of which 29 years have been in Forbes Marshall alone.

Dr.Asit Mohapatra – Director HR of Raymonds expounded that Diversification is the need of the hour to maintain Leadership. He quoted the example of how HMT Watches which once was the pure indian breed and market leader, lost out to Titan Watches…which diversified to launch many models targeting Ladies, Gents & Teens. He touched on HR Challenges, HR Strategies viz. Survival v/s Win. He went on to state that Transformational Change & Transactional change could best be summed up as Control, Alter & Delete. The Changes have to be innovative.

Suresh Dutt Tripathi : President & Group HR of SRF Ltd made the point of Turbulence in the world around us quoting how Greece is going bankrupt and a tsunami in Japan has effect on Indian markets.The recent floods in thailand sent automobile companies into tizzy as their spares supply were hit. He emphasized the need for a paradigm Change – a transformation. In another decade or so additional young population would take over the reigns of management – demographical change.Instead of vertical integration it is now virtual integration to work with equals by outsourcing and co-existence with equals. He quoted how IT/ITES has grown by this outsourcing. In his views growth should also contain the characteristics of retaining the characteristics of small companies.He went on to say that Sun Rise as we were taught in schools used to be in West – but after coming and working in Indian corporates, he is convinced that India has changed the trend. Now Sun rises from East ( India ).

Janmejoy Patnaik – AGM – HRD of Central Bank spoke on Economic slowdown. He emphasized how American always love to use superlatives like fastest…greatest etc. When they talk of power they talk of global power, when they talk of market they talk of global market.Entire American civilization is characterized by their Lingo (what they speak), their Dream (Subconscious mind) and their Electorate. They dream big….and their elected representatives are relected atleast 4 – 5 times giving them time to shape their dreams.Mr.Patnaik’s speech also threw light on how the Lehman Brothers crissis of Housing backfired to hit the American Banking Industry and sent the whole world into a recession spin.

Vikas Rai Bhatnagar – Group Chief HR Officer of Minda Management Services Ltd. spoke on Employee Engagement and Retention.

Vasudhara Srivastava – AVP – HR of Quatrro Global Services Pvt.Ltd touched on Who to Reward. She made a point that hardly 5% from the Corporate employees are awarded for their contribution leaving 95% who also have a need to be appreciated. The need of the hour is to identify and appreciate all who have given their best and this would result in a satisfied population of work force.

Post Lunch : Mr.Rajeev Ranjan -Dy.National Director – HR, SOS Children Villages & Avadhesh Dixit, Global Head – HR TATA -TMC also took the stage presenting their views on Gen – Y : What are their needs. & Geny – Y – Development Drivers respectively.
Thereafter Sanjeev Tripathi – Sr.Manager HR – Spencers made a comparative analysis of Gen – X and Gen – Y.
The concluding session saw Mr.N.K. Goyal – President – CMAI, Mr.Rakesh Arora – VP – HR of Brick Red ( TPG Software Pvt.Ltd ) & Prateek Dubey – Zonal Head PAC of Coca Cola discussing on how Gen – X with their experiences and expertise have successfully led youngsters to groom them for responsibilities in leading/heading corporates and preparing them to scale greater heights.

Finally to summarize, the Summit was actually food for hungry minds and I am sure it has achieved its purpose in giving the new breed of HR’s ( and quite a lot of them who were participants ) food for thought and a direction and focus in taking their work to a new level.

About the Author : This article was contributed by Asst. Prof. R.Nayak, on behalf of G.L.Bajaj Institute of Management & Research as shared in here Invitation HR Summit transforming leadership

Requesting the B-schools to share an article on the learning from their flagship events. We look forward to publish them here.

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