Human Resource Management is applicable for every manager

The entity of an organization depends on various factors. We cannot say one factor is more crucial for the survival of the organization in comparison to other factors but it is a commonly accepted fact that the role of human resource is very crucial in the survival and growth of any organization. The HRM policy helps the organization in setting and achieving its goal. It is essential for any organization to have a well-defined HRM strategy for the successful running of an organization.  The role of human resource is expanding it is not limited to the selection and recruitment procedure but also affecting the day to day activity of an organization.

The purpose of the HRM is to design and follow a strategic and coherent approach for the management of the people working in the organization and get the best out of them for the growth of an organization. The growth of an organization depends on the sincerity and commitment of the employees.

The increasing competition among the employees and tough market condition has made it difficult for the organization to survive and manage all the available resources effectively. Soon it was realized that the practice of HR policy needs to be practiced in all aspects of the organization and it should not remain restricted to selection procedure only. The need of HRM was realized in all departments of an organization. For the effective running of the organization now all the departmental managers are following HRM policy. This practice is helping the managers in getting the best from the employees.

The quality of an organization is determined by the quality of people it employs. It is the task of the HRM team to select better employees for the organization. Earlier only big organizations could afford to manage a separate HR department and most of the small budget companies hire employees without any HR assistance, but now the trend is changing. Today employees are considered as an asset and organizations are paying special care in employee selection procedure and for that they are relying on professional assistance of the HR department. Managers in larger organizations are frequently involved in HRM activities.

The knowledge of HRM is a must for all the managers as it makes the functioning of the organization is more productive and smooth. This is the reason now most of the organizations are arranging special HR training session for all the managers to increase the productivity of the organization. Employees are assets to the organization. Each and every issue of an organization is directly or indirectly related to employees. If a related manager has expertise in managing its team member they can solve many issues at the earliest stage and promote the growth of the organization.

The concept of HR stands on three H’s. These are heart, head and hand. A manager should know that one should feel by heart, think by head and implement by hand. The goal of the HRM is to improve the organizational culture and help the organization in achieving its vision and mission. Follow the latest management principles and HR practice and improve the working environment of the organization. The better environment an organization creates for its employee more benefit it will get from their high performance. Investing time and money in defining well-planned HR strategy is never an expense it always works in the favor of an organization and helps it achieving its vision and mission with ease and comfort. Perform better and set higher goals for the future and pave the way of continuous success for the organization.

HRM now-a-days is headed by the HRM director who even sits on the board and takes decision or pursues other directors to contribute to HR policies. The HR policy is percolated down to all top managers for implementation.

HRM is monitored by a separate department called HR department. The department plays a vital role in the organization. HRM is carrying out functions of pay roll, training & development of employees, and many administrative functions. HR department is also responsible for timely performance appraisal through respective department heads. Finally they are also responsible for manpower planning, recruitment, selection and induction. They can decide if they have to appoint an outside consultant or in-house experts for the purpose.

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    How true. Most managers feel Human Resource Management is not a line function but the sole responsibility of the HR Manager. However, once you are a line manager and are responsible for people, knowledge of Human Resource Management and its practice is critical to your success and survival.

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    -introduce  HRM  short  course  for  all  manager  as  an  orientation   program.



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    We are dealing with people in all aspects within an organization. Foolish if HRM is solely the responsibility of HR Managers…… is everyones

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    Managing people is every managers responsibility whether small company or big comapny you have people working for and with you. Therefore people skills is very important.

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    All managers must be capable of ensuring optimal utilisation of resources at their disposal in order to improve productivity as well as profitability. One of the most important asset that needs to be managed is  the employee  and every manager or leader must devote an equal amount of time and effort in managing them  as he does for materials and machines that are available to him. While the HR Deptt can select and empower employees to met the needs of the employers, it is the responsibility of the HODs or the line managers to employ them gainfully. 

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     It is easy say dan done. And the Challenges HR Manager face is to have the Managers wearing HR hats when dealing with thier people

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