HR Professionals too are ‘human’

More than a decade and half since now have been into HR. Gradually realized how HR is looked upon by the individuals from other depts. Probably since they all are into business & their business is HR business.

Say, an employee from Purchase is clear about his role and operates within the required limits. HR is a human based function, hence be it a Finance guy or a Purchase all encompass the work area of HR operation. So, does it mean “A good HR person should be able to tell the names of 2,000 employees without stuttering. Then you have the pulse of the company.” Said by K.Ramkumar, executive director (HR) at ICICI Bank, published The Economics Times

“Where is the human face of the human resource department?” says another employee who has worked in three organization so far.” It is mechanical function. I don’t even know what HR dept can do for me…”

Is it to meet with the people expectations & outcomes, bridging the gap as mentioned by NS Rajan, partner and global practice leader- People & Organisation, Ernst & Young. So, does HR have a PR problem? There is nothing wrong intrinsically with HR – Chandrasekhar Sripada, VP & head (HR) India/South Asia for IBM. HR is a management function, and is much more than just people management. Confusion about the role of HR. That confusion needs to be clarified constantly, he adds.

Reading all above, what strikes me is simple. HR as the name suggest is totally Human function. All individuals driven by compassionate & justices could be appealing to them.

Now, what about the role. This differs from Organization to organization as well also does vary basis life of an Organization. So, it comprises of 3 components (major) with 2 variable.

Three major components of classification:

Hygiene : All must, to do absolute error free are classified. Like Payroll, Leave management, satatutory compliances.
Transactions : With holds every activity or 50% of the role. Like Compensation, JD, Workforce analysis, Employee engagement, Attrition, MIS etc.
Startegical : Org structure, Career path, OD Interventions. This is the steering force or in short basic understanding what management is aiming at and what is expected out of the workforce inline with the guiding principles of the organization.


Two Variables

Organisation has its own life span or age, as it ages so does the requirement of the Human changes or gets evolved. A toddler organization does not even needs an HR, similarly an organization at it teen or adolescence does need an HR basically to keep a track of the employee records. A developed or a mature org does need to laydown a path for its growth keeping the workforce inline with it. Hence a startegical HR is the major required during that phase of cycle.

Above all as understood the students are not opting for HR because of its inherently complex challenges, like dealing with human emotions  and expectations on day to day basisi. So , students does not opt HR for its complexity and also for the fact that the rout to the top would be difficult. As progress of Mktg could be measured and rewarded but the efforts put in by the HR is intangible and difficult to measure & reward.

And, to add to this though Harvard B-School comes up with new findings and suitable theory, yet these cannot be practices and applied. Since, the theory to be applied upon itself is a variable (Human) that vary both with time and region.
So, ideally keep the understanding of the theory but while applying them do it as a human.

This article is a review to  How we can love HR & what HR must do for that as published on The Economics Times

About the Author: Smita Chugh, is HR professional, associated with Oil Field Instrumentation India Ltd.  She is a Science graduate, with Post Graduation in Business from Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS -Mumbai ) pursuing ISTD Indian Society of Training & Development from Delhi. She’s spent more than 12+ years into HR, has exposure to world class HR practices and believes strongly in the human element, as the core of HR. She is an avid reader, on a variety of subject including, articles by HR gurus, philosophy, science and technologies.

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