MBA and offbeat courses

MBA in entrepreneurship

Those who have their own family businesses to look after can hone their skills further with a professional course in entrepreneurship which helps to bring in a level of professionalism in the family business. The idea to give an exposure to the students regarding the strategies and practicalities associated with family businesses. The topics could range from raising finance, reducing operational costs, taking the business global to many others areas of interest.

MBA in rural management

With the business growing in rural areas of the country, a tremendous potential has been unleashed in this sector. More and more people are exploring the rural economy and hence managerial skills in this area have assumed importance. The course offers a good platform to those interested in agro businesses and prepares one in areas like micro finance, marketing and management of agro products, rural co-operative sector and so on.

MBA in disaster management

In spite of taking the best precautions cases of earthquakes, typhoons, floods and famines are growing with some of these occurring regularly in select states. Hence disaster management has assumed great importance to help people cope with threats of disaster and with the best attempts to avert the disaster in the first place. This would require a different kind of training and so a professional degree will go a long way. Generally, government organizations and NGOs incorporate disaster management cells where this role could be of great help.

MBA in Forest management

If you are sensitive to the environment and want to do something concrete in this area, you could try a hand at an MBA in forest management. The course provides training in the area of Forest, Environment and Natural Resources Management and allied sectors. Bio-diversity conservation, village development, sustainable waste management there are endless subjects that one can learn about through this course.

MBA in Aviation management

Those who want to fly high and fancy the aviation industry can pursue an MBA in Aviation Management that prepares and polishes the candidate for this dynamic and surging industry. The programme covers topics like Airport terminal Operations, Strategic Management, Aviation Law and Insurance and Airlines operations management, to name a few. This, followed by personality development sessions, presentations as well as project work and internships imparts the necessary skill set to the students.

Earlier if someone had to do an MBA, the choices were limited. Finance, Marketing or Human resources would be the only options to choose from since these were the important sectors in the organization. However, with the growth of information technology, systems management became a key area to master and hence many schools introduced an MBA programme that offered a specialisation in computers. But with time, as job opportunities multiplied and more areas opened up requiring specialized knowledge. And today we have schools offering MBA programmes for retail, hospitality, media and so on.

For those who enjoy number crunching and math calculations, MBA in finance is the ideal choice. With the Indian economy growing and becoming more global in nature, there is an undying need for finance experts to manage the growth. Those with finance expertise  work with banks and financial institutions  like the stock market and brokerage firms and different  wealth and finance consulting companies in various analysts  and associate capacities. It is a rewarding proposition especially for those doing a CA, ICWA, or CS. All in all, an MBA in finance offers a highly challenging job environment and a very stimulating career.

If the word brand ticks with you, marketing is the place to be. It involves putting the product in a market and making it sell. It is a complete front-end activity that requires one to be in the market to gauge what works and what does not. An MBA degree in marketing will prepare you in different areas like ideating a concept, research, advertising, marketing strategies and promotions. As a part of your final project you can expect activities like creating your own brand and marketing it to the public to give you a feel of the actual market. If brand management and sales management is what interests you, an MBA in marketing is the way ahead.

Interpersonal relations are at every level in the organization and those in the human relations department are responsible to strike a balance. The role of a human resources person involves dealing with people at various levels in the organization and maintaining cordial relations with one and all. The common role of an HR person includes dealing with recruitment, staffing, organization structure, work environment, employee retention and a host of other activities. An MBA in HR will train you to deal with people, maintain clam and deal with unstructured situations at hand. If you are a people’s man, a smooth talker someone who can negotiate well, this is your domain.

Operation management deals with taking care of the supply chain activities of an organization starting right from areas like inventory management vendor management and the overall sourcing activity. It mainly looks into the back end processes of the company that help achieve efficiency levels in an organization. Since this field involves need of technical knowledge an MBA in Operations Management will help you train better if this your area of interest.

With all activities increasingly getting computerized, systems management has assumed great importance in current times. The IT department of a company integrates all the systems and creates linkages. Under systems management one has to handle the entire IT requirements of the company starting with creating, coding, updating different software, regular monitoring and maintenance of the computer systems and the server and so on.

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