Attendance- measures for improvement

Reduction in attendance if not taken care of as a Personnel / Hr policy may adversely affect the organization from multiple angles. It severely affects the production process and the business. The effect of unauthorized absenteeism is more than the other types of absenteeism. However, it would be difficult to completely avoid absenteeism. The management can minimize the absenteeism. The following measures are useful in controlling or minimizing absenteeism.

1.Selecting the employees by testing them thoroughly regarding their aspirations, value system, responsibility and sensitiveness.
2.Adopting humanistic approach in dealing with the personal problems of employees.
3.Following proactive approach in identifying and redressing employee grievances.
4.Providing hygienic working conditions.
5.Providing welfare measures and fringe benefits balancing the need for the employees and the ability of the organization.
6.Providing high wages and allowances based on the organizational financial position.
7.Improving the communication network, particularly, the upward communication.
8.Providing leave facility based on the needs of the employees and organizational requirements.
9.Providing safety and health measures.
10.Providing cordial human relation and industrial relations.
11.Educating the workers.
12.Counseling the workers about their career, income and expenditure, habits and culture.
13.Free-flow of information, exchanging of ideas, problems etc. between subordinate and superior.
14.Granting leave and financial assistance liberally in case of sickness of employee and his family members.
15.Offering attendance bonus and inducements.
16.Providing extensive training, special allowances in cash of technological advancements.