Essentials of a good record in HRM

(i)The objectives for which it is maintained should be clearly and adequately stated.

(ii)It should be consistent with the requirements for which it is maintained and should be easily available.

(iii)Its upkeep and maintenance should not be costly. It should be kept under lock and key to ensure that it is not mislaid or pilfered, or tampered with.

(iv)It should be periodically reviewed and brought up to-date.

(v)It should be maintained in such a manner that the information it contains is easily accessible.

(vi)It should be easily identified and differentiated from another record.

(vii)The records of different kinds of information should be kept and maintained in separate files and dockets for ready reference.

(viii)Duplication of entries in different records should be avoided.

(ix)Some particular person should be entrusted with the responsibility of maintaining records.

(x)A procedural manual should be maintained, detailing the procedure to be followed for maintaining and dealing with records.

Employees Record (a typical format)

Surname—————- First Name ————–

Father’s Name————————————————–

Date of Birth —————————– Place of Birth————-

Age———————- Sex————————-

Height ————————- Weight——————–

Nationality ——————–

Married/Single/Widower Divorce—————–

Languages known—————————————

Present Address——————————————

Permanent Address————————————-

Designation ———————————————-

Date of appointment———————-Date of confirmation——

Date when increment due ——————————–

Department in which posted —————————–

Date of joining person/provident fund———————-

Monthly contribution—————————–

When payable (in case of death) —————————-

Members in the family————————————– wife/sons/daughters——–

Ages of children——————-Sons——————- Daughters———————-

Educational Qualifications ———————————–

Professional Qualifications/Training Achieved———————————


To——————————–with effect from ————-


To ——————————–with effect from ————–

Leave Record

From————————— to ———————No. of days—When and how much
Accumulated payment is to be made

Medical/sick leave

From—————————to ———————————– (days) —————-

Periodical medical examination when done————————–

Medical history of major illnesses ————————————

Performance appraisal————————————————

Warnings and censures

Date————————- Remarks ——————-

Token file No ——————-

The above need not be a standardized format. The organizations design the format to suit their individual requirements based on their HRD Policy.

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