Personnel Management in India

For any organization one of the important assets nowadays is its employee base. Having everything, good employees will affect the overall working of the organization. Throwing light on what exactly is personnel management we can say that it’s a simple art of maintaining and retaining the employees in the organization; channelizing them according to the requirement and providing adequate training which aids them to perform properly and in the expected way. Managing people is not an easy task. It depends basically on how people adopt techniques to handle people. For this a separate department is set up termed as “human resource management”. Earlier, this department only concentrated on recruiting and getting people for the job but this has changed, with an extending length and breadth as now, getting right people and developing them is also required. Managing them is a crucial task as inefficient handling would result in losing people or high employee turnover rate. Initially employees were not given so much attention in India because of their lower sought after need but now things have changed with revolution in thought process. Now employees get equal weight as they play a vital role in shaping the organization’s future.

In India this practice is now being taken very seriously as now the industry is aware that employees are no more just ‘cost to company’ but rather if properly taken care of, they are the real back bone of the organization. Main focus is now given to developing self-belief into the employees with the help of various activities which help them to reconnect with their own self and develop a unique way of doing routine things. Employees in India are lacking proper clarity as to what they want from their work and what should be done in order to achieve efficiency in their work; this is where today’s employers have a role to play as they can easily find this out and can help their employees. In a way they can indirectly help themselves by helping their employees in finding a proper and efficient way of working. For this they can impart training to their employees on the basis of the requirement as the imparted knowledge will help the personnel to understand the minute specification of the work to be done. Many issues which are also being seen by India Inc. is that employees do not have a proper growth plan because of which they end up performing below their actual capacity and ability. Personnel management is a helping aid as it helps to identify and handle in the most scientific way to get the optimum results out of the employees. The main problem which is a basic issue in any organization is that an employee always thinks that a company is always paying him less and not remunerating him as per his skills and abilities. On the other hand, what the organization thinks is that the employees benefit much more than their actual compensation.

New ways of handling personnel which is being seen nowadays is that employees are given a chance to liberate themselves with the help of the passion which they have. For example, a sales executive who has the passion for music is allowed to follow his path of passion. By doing this a firm is not only trying to inject a sense of uniqueness in the employee but it is also making sure that by involving them in the same work for 365 days of month may result in boredom and that may reduce the efficiency of the employees. If he is given a chance to rejuvenate then he can easily give his best in any condition as he is mentally ready to handle the work load and out score his own limitations. Modern management also focuses on involving employees into decision making, which can also be termed as participative management. In India this is not a wide spread but this is the way the individuals feel united with the organization as they have been given a due importance while making a decision. This does not result in any big impact but it makes the things look in a different perspective. Personnel management in India is right now not given much importance but slowly and gradually Indian organizations will understand its importance. Personnel management is now replaced by Human Resource Management which covers all facets of employees and is also given due importance in the organization.

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