Learning in Spurts : Sprinting through Knowledge

Do you learn when you buy a cook book ? Does that quench your hunger ? Strange thought though, how many times has it happened to you, that you learnt something in a discussion far more than you did it in your reading? Lets look into this cook-book parable. Do you learn how to cook by reading and trying them ? You nail it when you discuss what you did and realize what you missed. Learning is a marked change in the behaviour , which is caused by an input of information with a unique experience.

A discussion with my mentor on language made me reflect , that reading research papers and business books, rhetorically, gets me to a point, where I cant speak what I read. Where as reading novels land me with a vocab, which I shouldn’t speak. If not socially, but officially, a certification with an acknowledged institution taught me how to avoid systemic errors. However, the love for the language made me look beyond the offering and search for the roots. Here’s a short video on the history of English language. This explains why there is such a diversity within its realm.

The history of English Language

What makes you think ? Hitting an impasse and creating a breakthrough ? At times a larger picture view, where non-conforming values face a non-conducive environment ? Here are six thoughts which acknowledge new realities, creating a whole new school of thought. These thoughts are best summed by Michele and Robert Root-Bernstein, “To be creative can be as simple as seeing something everyone else sees, but thinking what no one else thinks about it.”*

Attribution: http://www.citehr.com/402341-creativity-almost-everything-one-would-want-know.html#ixzz1sBMinpR9

Six famous thought experiments explained quickly

Ref:* Creative Thinking

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