Hiring through blogs

A Crazy, six lines being a part of an individual’s resume (actually a blog) and it says nothing about the individual’s work experience at all. To top it all, it actually read like a event review. That’s exactly what this is. If one read the blog attentively, it conveys more work abilities about the blogger. A HR manager, who read the excerpt of the blog observed that the blogger is highly opinionated, focused and goal-oriented. There are certain aspects that reflect the personality traits of the blogger and impressed by the bloggers style of expressing his/her opinion on the film director’s lack of spark in his current offering in comparison to his prequels, he feels that the blogger’s qualities aptly complement a marketing executives profile. Several HR managers are doing ‘hiring by the blog’ is a practice that looks set to be newest hiring trend.

An organization has actually recruited an individual after reading her blog. When the HR manager met the candidate, he found that she was shy, and was not sure whether she would thrive in an advertising agency. However, reading her blog made the HR manager realize that she could express herself as long as the communication was written rather than oral. She turned out to be an excellent search executive.

This practice is still in its initial stages, corporate recruiters are surfing blogs to unearth candidates, expanding their talent pool and gaining insights that they can’t get from resumes and interviews.

Some feel that traditional recruitment techniques are still going to be popular for now. The implementation of this trend in India would take a few more years. This is because the overall awareness on the usage of such tool has not caught the attention of the prospective candidate, wherein he/she maintains an individual blog that highlights his/her career aspirations and thereby allowing the recruiter to gain clear visibility on the candidate’s job interest.

Blogs also help employers probe further into the qualifications of potential hires. A few HR managers started spending one to two hours a week searching through blogs for new talent or additional information about the candidates they have interviewed. If they are impressed by the points the blogger is making and the way he/she is making them, the potential hire will jump up a few notches.

Recruiters no longer believe in just getting personal references for their new candidates. They prefer to get up, close and personal to get a sneak peek at the recruits’ personality. If the candidate has written a blog, it helps to know the mental make-up of the person. A blog can be an effective tool to gauge into someone’s attitude quite easily. A HR manager can use a blog to understand the likes and dislikes of the candidate, as it allows them to structure the right environment for the candidate, like if the candidate is an introvert, they would never be happy with a job profile where they are required to meet strangers everyday.

Now that HR managers feel that blogging for new recruits helps, does this mean organizations in India should start reading blogs. Agencies and firms would continue using the traditional methods of recruitment and simultaneously adopt the recruitment through blogging model as it holds immense potential. There are some issues that are rarely addressed during an interview, like passion of the candidate about his/her present job profile, how innovative the candidate is, how the candidate deals with criticism, how the candidate convinces others etc. The recruiter will rarely get an insight in his/her short interview with the candidate, but blogging on the other hand could provide useful insights on this.

There are various aspects about blogs which can lead to dire consequences. As a company and as an HR professional, one should be very specific of the blog and the content that the blogger has used and also the consistency of blogging. Many people try to live a life through their blogs that is not normally possible in their work or in professional life. A blogger may sound too strong online, but one may find him/her extra humble and down to earth in real life.

It’s just too early to decide if blogs will be the next recruitment tool. While companies agree that they are helpful, not all agree that candidates can be hired based just on their blogs. But most content that a blog does give a unique perspective of a candidates’ personality that otherwise would have been difficult to assess.

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