Career Development

From the day of the interview to the day an employee works for an organization the sole purpose of the employee is to achieve higher goals. The career development cycle of the employee largely depends on the ability and efficiency of the employee. The growth of career graph is largely decided by the leader. A manager or you can say an authoritative personality in the management plays a crucial role in the career development. A good manager and HR management motivates the employee to improve their performance and achieve their personal growth.

A good manager works as a guide and philosopher and gives right guidance and timely assistance to its employees. Many employees become so job centric that they forget to consider the career development and compromise on many levels just to secure the job. Do not put your job and career stability at risk but just to remain in immobile condition for long and continuing a job despite you not being compatible with the nature of job or other conditions will surely affect your productivity in the long run. Set your career development milestones and work to achieve those milestones.

Earlier people made compromises on a professional level and stayed in the same job despite a monotonous job routine. The priority was to earn a salary and switching from one job to another was considered as an act of foolishness but today people accept challenges and they often switch from one job to another in the quest for job satisfaction and personal achievements. If a management especially HR management pays close attention to career development of employees then they can certainly reduce the dropout rates. It is a common misconception among the employees that a manger hinders the career growth of its subordinates but in reality a good leader will always guide and motivate its subordinates to touch new heights of success. A talented and self-motivated employee is the precious asset for the organization and making a way for the progress of the employee indirectly benefits the organization. An employee seeks an atmosphere where he could bring his best and if the organization provides suitable conditions to an employee he gets a fair chance to display his talent.

The concept of internal mobility and career development are closely related to each other. A mobility initiative that includes opportunities for employee career development will generate maximum ROI by ensuring that people will move around to roles that are most suited to their personality, strengths, and skill set. The current job scenario and economic condition makes it difficult for the employee to switch from one job to another as its a risky affair. But the increasing competition in the market and evolution of several new industries provides fertile ground to take a challenge and prove your worth. Career development of an employee depends on the employee’s actions and decisions. The role of management is vital but in the end it is the employee who plays the crucial role and takes the right decision at the right time. It is an individual’s personal vision and mission for his personal growth and professional achievements that motivates him to strive for more. It is ultimately the responsibility of the individual to decide and make choices to pursue a desired career. Personal ambition coupled with emerging business trends is increasingly shaping the career choice of the people.

The role of HR department is very crucial in the process of career management.  A good HR manager can add value to each step of career management and will play significant role in the career progress. Form recruiting an employee to retaining the employee the step by the progress of the employee’s career is largely managed by the HR policies and management.

Prior to obtaining professional degrees and joining any firm the individual will plan out his or her career path and pursue the suitable master’s degree. This also depends up on the aptitude of particular individuals. At the same time one has eye on different successful companies on the globe to join after obtaining the necessary professional degrees. The individuals when they become employees chalk out their plans with regards to their career paths. This is a critical subject and the success rate depends on the individual’s plan of action.

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