Career Management

The era we are living in has various organizations operating around the world. Naturally there are numerous employees working for them. Each employee joins an organization with a view to provide contribution to both his development and organizational growth. Every organization differs in work pattern. Therefore to sustain and breathe easy it becomes mandatory to understand the atmosphere and work behavior of the place. For a faster growth or for a sustained rise in an organization, it is very much essential to have a plan. Year after year employees carve out a plan for themselves, a much localized plan indeed, containing goals and aims for the year; their aspirations and ambitions; and many more points they would like to work on. It might be a long term scheme or a short term plan, which depends entirely on the employee. This plan or scheme that the employee creates for himself is collectively termed as ‘Career development’.

Career development is a process, a plan or any strategy an employee works on to achieve growth in an organization. It’s a refined plan with defined stages and tasks to be fulfilled in years to come. It is very obvious that if an organization has 100 employees, it cannot grant promotion to each of them. Both organization and employees need to work to find the opt person for the job. Where the organization needs to refine and systemize their searches an employee needs to prove his potential and become the managements’ apple of the eye. At this juncture career development plan becomes very essential from the employee’s point of view.

Another strategy with even wider scope is called ‘career development and management’. The management part attached with the phrase normally diverts attention to ‘normal management techniques’ but the usage here is very different. Here management contributes to managing the efforts in the right direction. A sort of personal management technique!

One of the most common grievances among the employees is – the amount of input is much more than the output received. The very basic reason is for this is- mismanagement. We work but the energy is never properly channelized to provide fruitful results. Hence there is a must need of management.

Hence the collective approach career development and management refers to a process in which an employee understands and put his efforts in a much managed way and aims for growth in the organization. The plan varies from employee to employee but the basic concept remains the same. The main steps are-

1. Learn the strategies and understand the demand of the company. It might be that an individual might be master of some art but if it is not what the company is expecting there are no reasons that the company will provide the individual growth.

2. Chalk out a personal learning plan. The plan must consist of moves that we help you to learn more about the organization and contribute in the manner that is helpful for both personal and management.

3. Always be updated about the strategies and major decisions of the organization; this will define the future course of action.

Since many an employee has shown a keen interest to adopt the technique, many organizations, which guide employees about the same, have shown up. That means the process has been commercialized. They learn about you and the company, your abilities and then help you prepare a chart to learn and become more productive for the company.

The state of organizations and of employees these days have changed. The competition has not only increased between the organizations but has become stiffer among the employees. Thus it calls for an acute need to have a proper fight plan and in fact the plan to win.

The employee must be shrewd enough to identify career growth oriented positions in the organization. Next he or she should plan how to reach that position. Once you reach there then plan for growth, also by giving performance. Through performance let your superiors give higher responsibility along with a good raise. Of couse this is with the consent of reviewing superiors. Career management has to be done by self right from studying a proper course to reaching a top position in the organization.