Areas,Types and Evaluation of Training Program

The process of learning and improvement is never ending. Now organizations are spending a fair amount of budget in training the existing and freshers so that they can fully utilize the expertise and skill of the employee. Organization’s emphasis is now on personal and professional skills and special training sessions are developed by the leaders to improve the performance.

The time to tie training induction programs turns into the favor of   organization. Conducting a training program is not an easy task. The first and foremost task is to determine the need of the training, how it will effect and improve the growth of the organization. The training program is not only for new employees but many organization’s plan seminars and conference are for the experienced professionals to help update their knowledge and skills. With the growing role of IT in all spheres of life and its influences in organizations and business the need and role of IT in improving employee’s skill and organizations growth rate is crucial. The ongoing training program for current employees helps them to learn the new skills and improve their performance.

Due to continuous changes in the work environment and methodology, training and development programs are necessary from time to time for the fresher as well as for old employees.

The first step to plan a training program is to assess the need of the training needs followed by the training development program. To make the program successful it is necessary to consider the style and personality of learning and training, evaluate the training and design material and methods to train the    employee.

Characteristics of a good training program for workers in an enterprise are:

A good training program is designed keeping in mind the individual differences of the employees. Each trainee would have different learning capacity, interest and ability.

The nature of the training program depends on the job nature. It is necessary to analyze the job nature before designing and implementing the training program.

To make training sessions interesting and motivating a suitable incentive should be given to the trainee for the successful completion of the training.

The higher level of management and related department should actively participate in the training and guide and motivate the trainee to participate in the program and make it successful.

To make training sessions more successful many organizations arrange for special trainees who are trained to provide training to the enterprises. These trainers have the theoretical and practical knowledge of the subject.

Purpose of the training and development:

  • Improve the skills of the employee
  • Create a trained replacement for the personnel who may leave the job or get promoted to the higher level.
  • Build a strong, motivated, talented and committed team
  • Improve the company’s competency among the competitors.
  • Supply suitable human resource to the organization for it growth.

The successful training program benefits the organization in many ways;

It improves the productivity of the employee and the organization

  • Improves efficiency of the employee
  • Less supervision is needed and
  • Decreases employees turnover

A training program infuses positive attitude and feeling in the employees. They consider their self more worthy, dignified and well-qualified for the given post. As a result they perform their job with great accuracy and commitment.  It gives them a sense of satisfaction and dedication towards the job.

Training Goals

The goal of the training program is to improve the overall performance of the employee and the efficiency of the organization. To stay ahead in this highly competitive world it is a must to keep updating the skills and working methodology so that the organization does not lag behind its competitors and gives a sharp competition to other contenders.  Plan a well-analyzed training program for the employee and achieve the goals and missions of the organization easily.

Training can be categorized mainly into two areas one is technical or work environment and the other is mostly related to behavioral sciences. Apart from these from time to time organization related policies, procedures and strategies may come up. The employees from top to bottom may be required to train up for these.

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