HR seminar – Indian HR Convention 2012

Why do you attend a seminar ? To add on to what you don’t know or re-affirm your alignment to the current trends?

More often, reading adds on to the internal conversation. Balance is required when such knowledge is brought to implementation. Working in isolation benefits focus, limits growth. Collaboration in a dynamic environment, sync in the applicability of every information.

Did such brainstorming , rather effectual workshop necessitate the change in your organization ? How far does it strengthen you to function in your role? Work environments are naturally designed to remain unique. Hence, the solution demands equal amount of free thinking. The ecosystem nurtures growth through symbiotic evolution.  Here’s an HR Seminar which aims to offer you the value you have been looking for.

Tackyon are proud to announce the commencement of Indian HR Convention 2012 – Destination Hyderabad . The program offers Training and Networking  for Human Resource Professionals from different industries, across the country.

The event is focused to understand and apply a practical, systems approach to Strategic Human Resource Planning to develop strategic and operational HR plans .

Many companies are conducting their business in different countries. Huge global companies manage extensive overseas operations. Global changes such as the rapid development of demand in the talent market , and other areas, require, that business scale up its operation and manage agility to impact its success.

Just as Indian companies are moving abroad and thousands of foreign firms are thriving, with their operations in India.

Increasingly, companies must be managed globally, which confront managers with several challenges.

As the number of their employees abroad gradually increase, HR departments have had to tackle new global challenges.

Three broad global HR challenges that have emerged are as follows:

  1. Deployment. Getting the right skills to where they are needed in the organization regardless of geographical location.
  2. Knowledge, innovation and skill dissemination. Spreading state-of-the art knowledge and practices throughout the organization regardless of where they originate.
  3. Identifying and developing talent on a global basis. Identifying who has the ability to function effectively in a global organization and developing these abilities.

Dealing with such challenges means that most employers have had to develop HR policies and procedures just for handling global assignments.

The Seminar focuses on the above and various other facets of Global Challenges being faced by HR Community. The Conference will have following sessions being taken up by top leaders from the Industry

Understanding the global Challenges & Role of Human Resource Managers

  • Current Scenario
  • Over Coming the Situation
  • Unexpected Changes
  • Impact on HR

Preparing for 2020

  • Implementing and adjusting with the Environment
  • New Roles and Responsibility of HR
  • Gain Insight to Develop and assess human resource.

Opportunities and Threats

  • Impact & Opportunity of HR Restructuring
  • HR – Planning and Strategic Change
  • Manage resistance and Keep key Performance

Advanced Recruitment Planning

  • Manpower Planning
  • Role of Recruitment
  • Innovation in Recruitment
  • Opportunities for Recruitment

This article have been contributed by Indian Human Resource Convention. They will be honored by your presence and representation by HR Professionals from your esteemed organization. For more information on the program, please feel free to contact at IHRC 2012 HyderabadCiteHR is honored to be the Online Knowledge Partner to this event. “Indian Human Excellence Network” and “Tackyon IT Consulting” as organisors. For registrations please contact.

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