Are You Your ‘Pain Body’ ?

You are in office , trying hard to focus on your job. Suddenly, you overhear your colleagues discussing a possible shift in responsibilities, in your project. Of course, this is no big deal for you! It barely makes any impact on your task list. Ohh no! Wait a second ! It actually does. Just few responsibilities would be routed through the senior team member who acts nerdy and finds fault. Does this impact your job ? No way ! You still have your task list running. But then , there is a gnawing pain that rolls down your spine. Something just don’t feel good. The sudden loss of autonomy or even a possible threat to your credibility, it feels bad. Hang on ! What is happening ? You have not been told anything by your boss. May be this is all a figment of your imagination? Accept or reject it , how easy is it for you to make a choice of your feelings to your thoughts? Do your stakes decide or you decide for them ?

A discussion during a Positive Psychology class, Jaya Narayan explained psychology as a combination of mind and being. How body connects to the mind and being is the mastery we vie for! Wish to try out this ?

How many times can you detect a thought and undo it ? Ever tried it? Lets give it a try , right now !
Lets take a mind-call.
What are the thoughts that are running in your brain?
Is it too clouded to identify ?
Are you suddenly getting a brain freeze due to this exercise ? Relax !
Prune the first thought that comes to you.
Does it makes you feel good to entertain it ? Or is it too clouded to let you feel anything ? Well, breathe and feel the vibe you are getting out of it.
Is it a mundane or a specific thought ? Are you thinking if you parked you car right? Is the electricity bill yet to be paid ? Or even who will be the next president?
Observe the feeling . Stay with it for a while. If it makes you uncomfortable, let it be , soon you will be fine with it.
As you breathe and relax, do you find a shift in your energies ? Are you now good to choose the feeling to the thought ?

Through this exercise, you would’t need to control your thoughts. Plainly, try and observe them. Be aware of the fleeting ones. You must have often noticed, that during the meetings, the speaker suddenly says, ‘Where was I’ ! Yes, this is more often a ploy to check if the listeners are with the speaker. However, it can even sign a mind chatter , out loud to deafen the speaker on his own.

Dr. Mathai Fenn shares his view to psychology as an evolution to connection between body and mind. Identifying emotions and choosing the narrative psychology is a part of it. The pain when related to the emotions , often becomes the expression of the receptor.

*A note to myself: This article is one of the series, from my learning at Positive Psychology. The exercise shared here , will help you reflect upon the flow of thoughts and thereby offering you a choice. As we learn further, we would keep sharing practices . Let us know if it works for you .

Here’s a video which irrespective of any school of thought or even religion, works for every one. This is a Google TechTalks lecture held at the Google Campus. Watch how Robina explains mind control technique through simple measures, which can be considered , even in a busy life.

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