Managerial functions of HRM


Managerial functions of personnel management involve planning ,organizing, directing, and controlling. All these functions influence the operative functions


It is a pre-determined course of action. Planning is determination of personnel programs and changes in advance that will contribute to the organizational goals. In other words, it involves planning of human resources requirement, recruitment, selection, training etc. It also involves forecasting of personnel needs, changing values attitude and behavior of employees and their impact on organization.


An organization is a means to an end .It is essential to carry out the determined course of action In the words of JC Massie, an organization is a structure and a process by which co-operative group of human beings allocated its task among its members, identifies relationships and integrates its activities towards common objective. Complex relationships exist between the specialized departments and the general departments as many top managers are seeking the advice of personnel manager .Thus, organization establishes relationships among the employees so that they can collectively contribute to the attainment of company goals.


The next logical function after completing planning and organizing is the execution of the plan .The basic function of personnel management at any level is motivating, commanding, leading and activating people .The willing and effective co-operation of employees for the attainment of organizational goals ,is possible through proper direction. Tapping the maximum potentialities of the people is possible through motivation and command. Thus, direction is an important managerial function in building sound industrial and human relations besides securing employee contributions. Co-ordination deals with the task of blending efforts in order to ensure successful attainment of an objective. The personnel manager has to co-ordinate various managers at different levels as far as personnel functions are concerned .Personnel management function should also be co-ordinated with other functions of management like management of material, machine and money.


After planning, organizing and directing the various activities of the personnel management, the performance is to be verified in order to know that thee personnel functions are performed in conformity with the plans and directions. Controlling also involves checking, verifying and comparing of the actual with the plans ,identification of deviations if any and correcting of identified deviations. Thus, action and operation are adjusted to pre-determined plans and standard through control . Auditing training programs, analyzing labor turnover records, directing morale surveys, conducting separation interviews are some of the means for controlling the personnel management function.

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