Market Oriented Production Planning in Textile Industry

The Mantra of shorter  ‘Turn Around Time ‘ is being increasingly propagated by almost all textile marketing professionals. Almost all textile giants of the country have started admitting that key to survive is to service the customer  quickly .  World class brands now take it as forgone conclusion that supplier has to provide them service or rather complete their orders within a predetermined time line of 35-45 days. Textile Mills are bending over their back to provide service. But the time has come when mills have to think about their bottom lines before providing such service. With increased stress upon profit margins and demand for astronomical salaries at lower levels we should see That Indian Textile Industry is  not swallowed by increased cost shark, which nearly made  textile manufacturing activity in developed nations to near obsolete.

Can India afford such a scenario where Textile manufactures would be forced to shift operations to outside countries due to labour issues and increased cost. Such a step would be detrimental  for the people of this country.  A bunch of misguided elements indulge in Politics and development comes to a standstill. The country has witnessed the scenario before where all the leading Mills closed down due to some vested interests. Now manufacturing activity will not shift from one state to another , but to outside country ,as we have all seen that monster of power hungry politics haunts from one state to another.

Unfortunately we are propagating and popularising a culture where we do not have to prove that we are capable but  we are bent upon proving that other person is not capable. Such attitude will hold us to ransom. All these big foreign  brands have realised and understood Indian Philosophy very    well .Hurt an Ego ,  and get your job done.
The concepts of decreased lead time looks attractive but manufacturing organisation should explore that they are not compromising their bottom lines to satisfy a customer.  Urgencies arise because of planning errors and if any customer is asking for very urgent delivery schedule it is a forgone conclusion that something has been messed up at some point. Let us not be mislead by these lunatics.

Loyalties are now fading away and each vendor is looking for cheaper suppliers at a drop of hat. So its a high time for CEO and entrepreneurs to realise that just to service they do not erode their profit margins. Customer no doubt will give you business but smart customers will also erode your profits and ensure that you are not in business for years . We all should understand that urgency can be addressed but that has to be at a cost. The mills have to take a stand that faster delivery is welcome but at a higher price. Survival is at stake.

Know more about the Author, Mr.Arvind Sharma, in his own words :It gives me a great pleasure to pen down this article which sums up my 19 years of experience.  I have been Fortunate enough to be an actual witness to the situations presented in the case.
I also have been fortunate enough to head PPC department a critical section of supply chain management in two reputed companies of India.

  • Alok Industries
  • Auro Weaving Mills (Vardhman Group )

My First tenure with Auro Weaving Mills ( Vardhman Group ) where I joined as an Executive in March 2000 and became  a Senior Manager PPC and Raw Materials in a short span of Five years ,has taught me , never say die attitude. I consider myself extremely lucky to work under the guidance of one of the most knowledgeable person in textile industry. The class of Mr Sachit Jain, Executive Director Vardhman is non-comparable. There never will be a person of his calibre to Head a textile conglomerate.

Most of the facts summarised in this article is  a tip of actual situations hand during my course of experience in Auro Weaving and Bharat Vijay Mills. I have personally encountered these situations and summarised the real facts for smooth working of the company. Off course the guidance provided by my seniors deserve a special round of applause. It only because of their help and guidance, I have today rises to the position of A. V.P in one of the biggest textile conglomerate of India, The Alok Industries. Also my special thanks to Mr Tulsi Karnani CEO Alok Industries weaving division who has been instrumental in my rise to this higher position.

My special thanks to all my friends and Collegues. And last but not the least my thanks to my wife and son without, them I could have never completed this task.