Improvement measures for losses due to breakdown


Breakdowns can be divided into two types, functional halt breakdowns and functional reduction breakdowns. A functional halt breakdown is one that occurs sporadically. A functional reduction breakdown is one in which the functions of mechanical facilities gradually drop from what they ought to be. When this type of breakdown is overlooked, it can lead to frequent stoppages, repairs, and speed reductions, as well as become the cause of a sporadic breakdown.

It is important to remember that most breakdowns are caused by an accumulation of minor defects. This is the reason why minor defects must be taken seriously.

Zero breakdown measures

It is helpful to use the following seven measures when trying to achieve zero breakdowns.

1. Do not ignore accelerated degradation.
Accelerated degradation is usually the fault of human beings. For example, oil is not added where it ought to be and “Seiso� inspections are not made and degradation is accelerated, making the life of facilities shorter than it would be with natural degradation (physical degradation will occur even if it is used properly)

2. Obey the basic condition (lubrication, and bolting) .Teachers workers who do not know, the ways to create the correct, basic conditions. Improve places for which the basic conditions are difficult to do.

3. Raise the maintenance quality of the maintenance man. Raise the maintenance level by raising maintenance skills.

4. Obey correct use conditions.
Set and obey the ways to use facilities correctly by making use conditions for each piece of machinery.

5. Don’t stop emergency measures, take measures to weed out the problem. Prevent breakdown recurrence by pursuing the true causes and taking measures to weed it out completely.

5. Improve the weak points of mechanical facilities which are prone to breakdowns.

6. Learn everything possible from breakdowns.

When a breakdown occurs, make a study of the causes, the pre -indications, inspection methods, and the way measures were made. Use these to prevent recurrence of the same type of breakdown in the same type and similar types of machinery.
Divide these into those for use by the maintenance man and those to be used by the operator, and utilize them as practical education materials.

The above steps and analysis enable the maintenance engineers to understand the nature and causes of breakdowns. They can then systematize the Preventive Maintenance measures which will minimize the breakdowns to almost zero.