De-Stress to avoid Distress

If one is too busy to even think of taking a small break at work then it is not a healthy sign. Taking break at office hours is necessary to beat stress and deal with work pressure. It is advisable to take a few breaks during work hours to keep health hazards at bay and also add a fresh zeal to ones approach.

Ever wondered how one can effectively utilize office breaks? Individuals can make most of their office breaks if they plan to do something more meaningful than playing games on computer or just going for a fag or a cup of coffee.

Some organizations provide recreation facilities for employees that include indoor games, meditation, gymnasium, cultural fests, inter-department competitions etc. Don’t despair if one do not have access to any of these. Listening to music, eyeing beautiful company or redoing make-up is not the only option. Here are some ways to utilize free time effectively.

Utilize free-time to work for self when one is actually not working. Clean up the desk, plan ahead, put up thinking cap and be a poet or just jot down tasks on ‘to-do’ list. Clean up the inbox on individual mail mobile; organize emails in specific folders. Make important telephone calls before it is too late. One can plan his/her weekend. Going back to old and sent mails to clear up will also help in stress relief as ones attention is diverted to simpler tasks. It seems like a mammoth task to clean up mailbox initially but done on a regular basis will help in minimizing unwanted matter.

Want to shed a few extra kilos but too lazy to wake up early in the morning to exercise? Perhaps individual can take advantage of the office gym in his free time or lunch hour. If an individual is glued to his/her seat for hours at work, either he is over possessive about his/her ‘wheel chair’ or individual prefers to be called a lazy bum. Regular breaks to stand up and walk are important if individual’s job involves sedentary work. To relieve muscular tension, stretch, bend, stroll, jog or share a joke to laugh. It may help in toning down individual’s abdominal muscles. Jobs which involve running around different departments to coordinate things at work place or preferring to take the stairs every time an individual is on a move helps in keeping up his/her fitness. Meditation is another good thing to do while individuals are at work.

It helps to know what’s happening around an individual if he keeps pace with the world. For this he or she can spare ten minutes from lunch break to visit news website to be in touch with the latest events and happenings. This helps in raising individual’s intelligence quotient. So one must devote free time to read informative articles from books, newspapers, journals, magazines, blogs etc where there is a warehouse of information out there. Being well informed is always desirable. Technology is another area that individual can’t afford to ignore. Even if individual can’t afford a Nokia T-90, one must be aware of what is latest in mobile phones and gadgets.

How about starting a conversation with individual’s associates in his free time about the new additions to the city, be it a new lifestyle stores, new flyover, new hair salon, a forthcoming flick or the new colleague with killer looks who joined their team.

With internet individuals can do more then personal emails and endless chats. Check pending emails, blog, build contacts, search for important information, look for the recipes, search for exercise positions for back ache, shop from the e-stores, look for dressing tips, meditation tips, etc. An individual can download his favorite song or ring tone, pay his electricity or mobile bills online, locate the nearest gym or know about the unique features of a cell phone the individual always wanted to buy.

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