Job Stress, Counselling and Mentoring

Job Stress

For last few decades, jobs have become more demanding. Therefore the responsibilities are increasing at every level. Whether one is in sales and marketing, administrative jobs, manufacturing, policy making, security forces or logistics, every area of work has become extremely demanding. The rising competition in every area of consumable products or services has made jobs more challenging. Earlier whatever was produced could easily be consumed, as the consumers were plenty and choices were limited. Subsequent to use of I.T. Technology, has given access to large data and status of any service.
Each employee is connected to each other through internal network, hence time bound accomplishment of task is expected from superiors. They accumulate data and pass it on to their seniors. This chain of information carries on up to the CEO level. The time bound expectation of job accomplishment, the data and figures at the end of the week, month, quarter, half yearly and yearly basis be communicated to superior. The entire process from manufacturing to retail or consumer is done to fight competition, hence the entire chain from the raw material stage to finish product is on very low inventory. The finance department keeps very sharp vigil on this.
Besides professional issues, there are pressures of meeting family expectations, education of children, late working hours and compatibility among spouse. Organizations have realized that employees go under stress and their HR department evolved few activities like having a Gym-room for doing quick workouts, healthy meals during working hours, approving holidays and finance pleasure trips to unwind themselves and also health checkups. Employees have been provided gadgets, and they can access any information in seconds and communicate in faster speed. The soft-wares work in very high speed and with a high level of accuracy.


The employees come across different situations, where they are unable to handle an untoward situation, some relationship problem or misunderstanding or finding difficulty in completing an urgent task. This sometimes gives a de-moralizing effect on the employee and ultimately compromised performance. These are ideal situations, where the employee needs counseling from a seasoned and matured boss.
The objective of counseling is to make the employee comfortable, that he is not alone. Few specific questions and their answers may lead to diagnosing the reason of current situation. The employee is motivated to solve the hindrances himself by suggesting a specific action plan. This would not only take care of the current issue and make the employee confident enough to handle any other issue in the future. Counseling is an effective tool to correct an employee who is demotivated and is finding himself incapable to handle a situation or conflict at the work place. Counseling can improve self-esteem, committment and competence level.


Every individual who has a desirable qualification and underwent and came successful from an interview process has potential to perform and grow. The job of employee’s immediate superior need to have skills to identify the true potential areas and learning attitude needs continuous mentoring on the job
Mentoring is a process where, there is cohesiveness between listening and learning in order to reflect in greater results. Mentoring is a process where there is synergy in relationship among two or more individuals in a process to achieve much more than individually anyone could do of their own. Communication is an important feature of the entire process of mentoring. Mentoring should be a time bound programme, and there should be regular meetings and exchange of views. The mentor needs to update himself on concerned work areas, so that he can answer to the doubts of the participants in the process.
Mentees are also responsible to absorb most of the learning in such a way, that they feel pleasure in working and also discuss when they meet or discuss with each other their learning experiences and outcome of their renewed action with more vigor and enthusiasm.
Effective management of job stress, counseling and mentoring go a long way in enhancing on the job performance and overall improvement in their personalities. These are key areas for effective management of human resource. In ordinary conditions their performance may be an area of concern, however if these important issues are effectively managed, there would be an increase in quantitative performance. If these practices are adopted by most working places a vibrant society would emerge which would be good for families, societies, countries and all over the globe.