Multi Tasking

Fast paced work leaves one with very little time to concentrate on just one job. And everybody thinks that doing many chores simultaneously will save us time. Multi-tasking is not as easy as it seems.

Any one good at his work place take on multi tasks routine in nature like talking on a phone, checking an e-mail and making a to-do list for the day and these sound common. In that way it appears most people specialize in multi-tasking.

In today’s workplace, the skill of multitasking has been elevated to an inspirational quality. It is made out to be a skill that everyone at a work place should master. But in reality, it can twist out of control and create complex situations.

Multi-tasking doesn’t help in finishing work faster. The secret formula is time management. In this article we are suggesting a few guidelines that will help an you to complete the tasks simultaneously or one after the other.

Concentrate on one task at time and complete it before moving on to the next. Taking on work all together at work place or doing something else will only stress an individual out.

* Try to handle each piece of paper only once, deal with it rather than shuffling it around ones desk.

* If an individual is on the landline, he must finish the call before answering his cell-phone.

*One must not be over ambitious and bite off more than he can chew. One should be realistic in setting goals and targets for him self.

* Work on the ‘present’ (for completing tasks on hand) and do not get disturbed by thinking of how to complete the future tasks. Very often we plan days ahead, even then we are way behind schedule.

* Work must not get the better of an individual. Stress is very common in today’s workplace. Don’t take pending work to home. Compartmentalize work place life and home life and live a day at a time.

* Plan your work on day to day basis. Make a to-do list and stick to it no matter what. It is very likely that one will be able to complete what is planned if he is regular in following the daily planned (by self) calendar.

* An individual must allow some time for self apart from work schedule. These are stress-free periods when at work place one can relax and redress the balance of a busy lifestyle.

* If one is over ambitious or too diverse he must ensure that he has not set too many demands on his life whether at work or personal. Take time off to be with friends. Socializing not only helps an individual unwind but also is a great de-stressor.

* Ask yourself what can you give up, (maybe just for some extra free hours or minutes), in order to simplify life? Prioritizing ones life may put things in right perspective.

Once multi tasking is mastered the candidate would have gained more valuable experience to take up jobs of higher responsibility. If his existing employer is not able to provide a higher level job then he may have to apply to other organizations where he needs to send his CV.

CV is probably the most important tool to market one self with employers.. Employers scan thousands of copies and zero down to a few. Preparing an eye catching resume can be a tough task. The more prepared a candidate with his resume the chances are more of it getting noticed. Here are some directions to avoid making mistakes in a resume.

Most people make the mistake of listing out their duties/functions or responsibilities. Instead highlight them with concrete examples of contribution that have made a difference in various levels of the company. Support claims with relevant data, figures, promotions awards or recognition. A candidate can also draw attention to the challenges/problems faced at work while accomplishing the tasks at hand.

A crisp statement focusing on an ones area of expertise must be incorporated instead of some praising lines about self and prospective employer.

A resume should be written in a concise manner. Refrain from using personal pronouns and articles.

Hiring Managers want to see ones career history in a chronological manner. Though it’s common to opt for a functional resume avoid it if one has no work history or phases of job hopping. The combination resume works best in such cases

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