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Policies are made for all the areas of an organization at the top level which give impetus for growth, discipline, productivity of an industry or business. There will be a policy for the entire organization and policy for each and every functional areas say Human Resources, Production, Materials Management etc., These policies act as a management guidelines to the functional heads who can discharge their responsibilities with clarity.

Policies are formulated in such areas which are repetitive in nature. They may cover the following areas:

(a) Organizational policies including general company policies.

(b) External policies having their impact on the organizational functioning.

(c) Internal policies of the organization which guide the internal relations among different units of the organization both vertically and horizontally.

(d) Centralized policies which guide the relations among different units of the company located in various geographical areas.

The coverage of personnel policies has been classified on the basis of functions of HRM by Michael Armstrong, which is outlined hereunder:

1. Social Responsibility :

(a) Equity-treating employees fairly and justly by adopting an even-handed approach.
(b) Consideration –considering individual circumstances when decisions affect the employee’s prospects, seniority or self respect.
(c) Quality of work life –Increase the interest in the job and organization by reducing monotony, increasing variety of responsibilities avoiding stress and strain.
(d) Working conditions – Provide healthy, safe and conducive working conditions.

2. Employment Policies

Provision of equal employment opportunities-selecting the candidates based on job requirements-encourage the employees on the job and in the organization.

3. Promotion Policies

Promotion policies would attempt to reconcile the demands of employee for growth and organization’s demands for fresh and much more potential blood. Promotion policy should be fair, and just to all.

4. Development Policies

Policies should cover the kind of employees to be trained, time span of training programs, techniques, rewarding and awarding system, qualifications and experience of the trainer, encouraging the employees for self advancement.
These policies also cover the areas like career planning and development, performance appraisal, organizational development.

5. Relations Policies

Relations policies cover the areas of human relations like: policies regarding motivation, morale, communication, leadership, styles, grievance procedure, disciplinary procedure employee counseling etc. These policies also cover the areas of industrial relations like Union recognition, union representation, collective bargaining, prevention and settlement of industrial disputes, participative management etc .Personnel policies to be effective should be written on the basis of authentic information available from different sources.

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