Game for it ?

“What? Gaming in the workplace? No way!” This is something that we hear from Corporate HR leaders all the time! But it’s time we asked the important question – “Why not?”

Employees dream of a workplace that they love going back to every day. The drivers could be challenging work, rewards or a great working environment. The latter is an ongoing challenge for HR teams across the world. Many HR teams in India are now opening up to the prospect of fostering a culture of PLAY within their organizations. The challenge is to do this without adversely impacting their employees’ productivity. Organizational culture in India is still very conservative, unlike that in companies based in the US and Europe. In my various discussions with HR heads, a common observation is the lack of awareness about the wonderful benefits of gaming as a potent tool for employee-engagement in a fun, healthy way. The prevalent perception is that Games and Play have adverse effects like loss of control, productivity-loss and slacking among employees.

Having been an IT manager for over a decade, I have personally experienced the need to identify ways to keep my teams motivated and stress-free. Regular team-outings no longer seemed to have the same effect and these were not always cost-effective. There is a need for something more in-house to allow a sense of fun and liveliness back into the cubicle world, a place for people to unwind, de-stress and maybe shake a few joints and get some exercise, providing a much-needed break after being slouched in front of the computers for hours on end. Here are a few ways a Playstation3 or Xbox motion-gaming recreational facility can prove to be beneficial:

In-house high-tech entertainment/ recreation facility. No more time-consuming trips to the city for a team outing.
A great stress-reliever – A few minutes of exergaming can work wonders for employee morale, energy-levels and health
Ideal for team-building activities – Many employees can avail the facility at the same time. Ice-breaking, relationship/ team-spirit building, etc get greatly enhanced in an entertaining setting.

Enjoyable way to get some exercise – Basic flexing of muscles and joints, all the way to cardio-work-outs
Flexible in terms of time-investment – Quickies of 10 minutes to 2 hour gaming sprees

A sure-fire way for the org. management to earn brownie-points/ goodwill from employees. This in term helps in employee satisfaction/ retention.

About the Author:  Mr. Navin Rajendran, Founder and CEO, Gamineazy entertainment Pvt. Ltd. After over 12 years of the Indian IT industry, working for companies like CGI, Wipro and ITC Infotech and playing various roles from engineer to manager working across geographies/ countries, Navin took a break from his career in 2010 to pursue an MBA at IIM, Ahmedabad.

Gamineazy Entertainment is his first venture, started with the vision that high-end gaming technology should be made accessible and affordable for the common man.

An avid gamer for over 25 years Navin has enjoyed playing on platforms ranging from micro-computers like ZX81 (with a mere 4K memory), ZX Spectrum (48k memory), the ever-changing PC platform – starting from the humble 286 all the way to PCs with dual-core processors and on to powerful gaming console systems.

He believes that gaming has tremendous potential to enhance lives for the better. Equally passionate about travelling, photography and is a published poet/ writer.

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