How to survive when your role is soon to be eliminated ?

“I joined this firm nine months back. It initially had four units. Eventually each units have been closing down and employees shifted to the unit which is still functional. My bosses are mentally harassing us everyday , saying our roles can be soon eliminated. I worked with a good brand before joining this firm. Its easy to get in job with this employer, but very difficult to be hired from here. Please help with what should I do?”

Managing transition during the uncertain times is where our personal leadership lies. Please do not consider the harassment from your reporting managers as an hassle but a sign and protection from something lot bigger. Imagine what if your managers remain sweet to you all, lying about the situation and suddenly the firm close down one day!

Dinesh have given you a sound advice. Look for a job and move out of the role, before they eliminate your role.

You have already worked with a great brand. Hence , you are established as a talent in the job market.

Connect with your former employer and initiate a re-hire. They might not be able to give you your previously held role back or match the salary that you are drawing now. However, they will offer you a continuity in your career.

In case they are not able to hire you, ask for recommendations and referral to companies where they can help you apply.

Shift your focus from what is happening at your workplace to a new career . Stay calm and remain as supportive a you can. This is not to help anyone else but yourself. When you decide not to fall weak in challenging times, you grow stronger.

Your reporting managers and the business owner are as troubled as you are. Your transition is still easy, theirs is not! You shifting out of a firm that is failing to perform in nine months will raise a lot lesser question to your credibility than them. Remain supportive and make them your mentors during the transition. Their words of recommendation will help you build your credibility with your next employer.

Don’t stay attached to any brand, salary , designation or any other pretensions. Just stay focussed on continuity . If you have a job when you move out of this firm , you can always build your career .

In fact help your colleagues plan a career. Helping others when you face a challenge, will help you identify strengths you never knew you had.

No matter how much it pushes you, just refuse to believe you can’t find a job. You will and stay focussed on it.

Wishing you all the best!

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