Exit Formalities : When your employer is not ready to relieve you from your services!

“I have resigned from my services. My manager accepted it and sent it to the HR Team. Now my HR Manager is asking me to find a candidate who will work on my role. They want me to complete the knowledge transfer before I leave, or else they won’t release me. I have to join the new firm soon. What should I do?”

Please refer your appointment letter on standard guidelines mentioned for separation from the firm. What does it share about your notice period? Did you discuss about your notice period with your prospective employer during the interview ?

Submission of resignation begins the process for separation with an employer. Your manager have processed it, but not accepted it.
The HR Team have mentioned a condition . Knowledge Transfer is vital. However, is the back-fill mentioned as a condition for separation on your Appointment Letter ?

Please work along with your reporting manager on creating the document for Knowledge Transfer , incase there are no team member to be trained by you.

If you don’t have the time to serve the notice period, offer the HR to buy it out.

Write a detailed letter to your manager, marking a copy to your HR mentioning the time duration you would be able to serve your firm. Put an end date beyond which you wouldn’t be available. Offer to buyout the remaining duration to the notice period , if any. Offer to settle all the dues and complete the transfer of responsibility and knowledge. Share the complete timeline. In the end, mention if any response is not received in 3 working days , it would be considered as an acceptance of the resignation.

If possible send this as a registered letter. In case you have to email this, keep the hardcopy of receipt  from your inbox.
Talk to your new employer about the release and keep them posted about the developments . Seek to understand the Experience Letter and other documents , that they would need at their end to validate your release.

Above all, remain very supportive of your reporting manager. Handover every company property such as Laptop , cell phone, hard drive and other company owned things that you have , to your manager and take it in writing that you have handed them over to him. Request him for a letter of recommendation.

Wishing you all the best!

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