What happens when HR makes you declare fake experience in writing

“I work for an MNC. I faked experience in order to get this job. During back ground verification I received a mail saying that my previous company was involved in issuance of fake certificates. so they asked me for bank statements and form 16 which I said I couldnt submit. The HR asked me to write on paper that I submit fake documents and sign it. They threatened to blacklist me on NASSCOM. They offered that if I do so, they would promise to releive me like a normal employee. I would get experience letter, relieving letter etc. In the document I signed I mentioned I faked documents and also the money I spent to get those docs. Am I in trouble? Did I make a mistake by co operating? Please answer!”

Destiny beckons! Your acceptance is writing is a mirror to the documents you forged.

Good news, you are aware of it. Bad news the HR in that firm as now as much as a fault as you are. Keeping a written acceptance on the forgery is a double edge sword as it unmasks the HR, as a scheming one. You accepting in person was enough. Making you write it down shows pettiness and scheming on their part!

What matters to you now is what lies ahead. You will put this job behind you and obviously never mention it in any of your resumes in future. Please consider not using any reference from this firm. Human nature is prone to gossiping. This incident might fuel the grapevine. Choose to stay as far as you can.

I know this doesn’t sound very ethical, if you still doubt, try and get a reference check done on your self using this firm’s letter. There are companies with whom you can initiate your back ground verification. You would have to pay the fees. But that would answer all your doubts. You can even request to keep the reason for the verification private, where they will not share with any of your ex-employers on why  your credibility is being validated.

How does the acceptance affect your future? To begin with, it doesn’t, unless you registered for this job with Skill registry in Nasscom. At the most this would be stored as a comment on reason for leaving in the company MIS/Database.

Individually this incident have definitely changed you as a person. No sooner than later, you would be on the other side of the table where you would be dealing with ambitious talents who would think twice before risking all they have.

You might deal it differently, for you understand the price of this risk.

Wishing you all the best!

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