Hiring for Competencies or Credentials?

“We have recruited a guy in our company and found that he edited his Btech marks sheet to fulfil the criteria. Please help what shall we do to him.”

The solution in this situation looks straight into our eyes!

Firing for forging documents is what we must do. Is there any option to do this with a difference?

How would we want to be taught a lesson if we had to forge documents, to get a job?

Its sad that we are the reason why such fraud cases happen. Our over importance on ‘Credentials’ and not on ‘Competencies’ , push candidates to fabricate certificates.

There is no guarantee that a student who scored 70% will work better than a student who scored 50% !

Acumen is not completely measured through academical exams , let alone delivery.

We will need a candidate who can deliver the projects in time. Someone who hasn’t scored enough, will obviously push himself harder as he stands on quick sand.

This candidate in question has already cleared the interview rounds. If there are  doubts about his credibility, time we test him further.

Hire someone for potential and not the scores!

We always have the option to punish him. But make sure we don’t punish him for something that we can easily turn around.

Disciplining him would be easy now, as he has already made a grave mistake. On the top, he is least likely be an attrite as every other employer would reject him for his scores. We actually have the option to win the loyalty of a potential employee if you manage to deal this differently!

The choice is ours!

As discussed on CiteHR