Looks Too Good To Be True: Spotting Scammers

They say if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. As much as technologies have evolved during recent years, we still cannot find a $50 brand new fridge to buy, or a $20 plumbing repair service. So when something looks and sounds too good to be true, you are advised to stay away from it. The world is unfortunately full of con-artists who continuously knit the their schemes and try to come up with new ways of stealing your money, valuable items, confidential information, or virtual identity for personal gain. As a HR manager or company manager, you must have at least once come across a resume that was intentionally embellished with fake facts by job candidates. And you might have fallen into their trap, thinking how lucky you were to have found such excellent employees and went ahead and signed their hiring. A few weeks later, you started noticing they don't really have the skills they claim to be. They lied just to make themselves look better, and trick you into giving them the job. Don't you hate it when that happens? What about a locksmith scam? Can you catch it from a distance?Portland emergency car locksmiths unlock cars

What Are Locksmith Scams?

Best case scenario, a locksmith overcharges you a few times the agreed quote. Worse case scenario, they make a duplicate key to your home, come back when no one is around and burglarize your place. There are many types of locksmith scams out there, as the industry is a very permissive one from this point of view. You need to play it safe and be extra careful about the people you are going to let into your home. Car owners overpaying for emergency locksmith services are one of the fastest growing frauds in the U.S. The internet is full of bogus technicians who are not qualified or experienced to unlock a door or rekey a lock, but they will be eager to charge you up to ten times the market price for these services. Luckily, there are clear signs that should help you spot these scams and avoid them.

Locksmith Scams: Home&Car Owners, Beware!

There are most likely a few thousands of con artists currently taking advantage of emergency lockout cases reported by home and vehicle owners. There are professional locksmiths who think that this type of widespread fraud belongs to organized crime. If you are looking for Portland emergency car locksmiths, be extra careful. According to the Consumer Federation of America, locksmith fraud counts among the fastest growing scams in the U.S. if you get locked out of your car by mistake, the first thing you do is to look up a listing online and call the number you can find the fastest. Then you end up being overcharged for the service – up to 10 times the regular cost for these types of services. You will most likely get in touch with a locksmith who is not licensed and who uses the freedom of the world wide web to advertise extremely low prices only to entrap customers. If they refuse to pay, they use bullying or threaten to call the police. There are also cases of locksmiths who refuse to return the credit cards to customers if they refuse to pay.

Always search for accreditation and use directory listings and the internet to find customer reviews. Only hire locksmiths who are licensed and ask what name have they registered their business on. Ask for a preliminary estimate of the costs and do not trust outrageously low prices, even thought some locksmiths use advanced techniques that allow them to considerably lower their flat rates. Let the dispatcher know you will need to see the ID and certification of the locksmith, as well as a written estimate. Only handle cash or credit cards when you are satisfied with the estimate. Immediately call the police if you encounter any unreasonable behavior.