Careers with engineering qualifications prosper

Engineering is a diverse field, offering several specializations which are traditionally respected and always popular for career growth. Even IT prefers to recruit candidates with a basic degree in engineering because of their ability to grasp things quicker than their counterparts. From computer engineering and civil engineering to mechanical and nuclear engineering, a wide spectrum of career options is available. The word engineer primarily implies a person who designs and creates. One finds a wide variety of career options in this dynamic field. However, some prerequisite for success in the field are analytical skills and technical expertise in a specialized area. Engineering involves a high degree of thinking and problems solving and is thus a creative field as well. There are innumerable options one can pursue if one decides to study engineering. However, with changing times and market demands choices change as well. So, which engineering branches are popular today, and which ones are not? Here’s a look.

For starters, there seems to be a clear consensus among candidates that the popular choices are electronics and telecommunication (EXTC) information technology (IT) and computer engineering. What is the basis for this belief? Campus placements are concerned as far as 90 percent of companies that participate are IT companies. Almost all engineering colleges offer EXTC and IT. A fresher of chemical engineering believes that the cut off for these courses is often high. An IT engineer would fit into varied organizations, which is very important while applying for jobs. There is tremendous scope in this field. In fact, IT, EXTC and computer engineering courses are popular choices for professionals going abroad too. SK holding a degree in mechanical engineering agrees on the fact that lucrative job offers in foreign countries await graduates of these branches. For someone who wants to make a career as an engineer, especially in terms of getting a comfortable job, these options are recommended. The scope in these fields will always be on the rise. This is only the beginning.

However even for traditional branches such as civil, mechanical, chemical or product engineering, the demand for these is also on the rise because there are a fewer takers for it. Analysis reveals the reasons as to why these branches too have their own secure niche. There are many industries that essentially need someone having specialized knowledge and prefer to employ professions with specialized engineering qualifications. The scope is equally good in these fields of engineering all specializations included.

The syllabi in these fields are very much up dated and even during study practical training is imparted through internships in respective industries. Real training thus occurs. Thus a candidate may even get an opportunity to be absorbed by the company where he was an internee.

Specialization is a welcome factor today in all branches of work. In fact, there are excellent specialized Master’s for engineering abroad. There are more focused courses one can do after a degree in engineering. For example, after doing mechanical engineering, one can pursue further specialization in aeronautical engineering, Power plant engineering, Process Plant engineering etc.

A management degree combined with the engineering ones gives a wider outlook. Thus, for students who have a specific career progression in mind and a definite goal, it would work well if they took into consideration which branch of engineering they want to specialize in, and choose their undergraduate majors accordingly.

As a career, engineering has tremendous potential to offer. However, it is important to understand that this field also has misconception attached to it. When you look at engineering you will be amazed to see the options it offers you. Besides the respect and earning potential attached to its name, engineering presents a chance to contribute to society creatively and explore your talents to the fullest. As long as the human race continues to develop, engineers will be in demand.

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