Office Costs Saving in Business Printing

Office-jet Pro printers are a new class of office printers that are designed for office users who want a high performance printer that is cost-effective to run.

These minimize wastage and the user benefits from significant savings. Additionally the new generation business Inkjet printers deliver high performance. They can deliver a print speed rating of 35 pages / minute for as black and white printing job and 34 pages / minute for a color printing job.

If one examines the architecture of the new generation business Ink jet printers, one will find powerful formatter boards and printing engines. Hewlett Packard continues to innovate on the operating economy of office printing machines. The HP Office jet Pro L7580 has a 266 MHz process with 64 MB RAM on it. This is almost like having a PC in the printer to take care of page formatting and print processing. It is for this reason, the first page out – a significant parameter that determines the user satisfaction / perceived speed is also better with the new business printers.

How is this performance enabled?
The discerning user will find the business inkjet printers delivering more convenience, more performance more savings and more productivity. For example in a network environment these printers are equipped with a built-in network card to enable direct network connectivity. The user does not have to dedicate a PC as a print server.

The most exciting thing about the new generation HP Office-jet printers is the savings they generate in the running costs without compromising on the performance. An independent test laboratory, spencerlab has verified that the new business Inkjet printers like HP Office-jet Pro printers can actually save 50-60% off comparable printers in the market.

How is this possible? At the heart of the new technology break through is a simple concept recycles the ink used for cleaning the print head. Something like a rainwater harvesting arrangement. HP’s new printers use a scalable printing technology that makes the ink consumed for head cleaning into a waste tank and then recycles it into the main ink tank. The resulting saying is phenomenal with a sample page being printed on the HP Office jet Pro for 0.61 of a rupee.

Translating into savings it is like for a moderate user printing 20 pages a day – there will be a saving of Rs 6,500 per year, with a printer costing just Rs 7,999. One can also have the option of color, when needed it.

The new generation Office jet Pro printers operate as complete document centers and maximum both individual and group productivity.

For example, Duplex scanning will enable the HP Office-jet pro to digitize both sides of documents simultaneously no manual intervention. It can even be set up as a document scanning engine for a small workgroup.

Deeper input paper trays mean that the administrator does not have to keep on running to the printer and feed in more paper stock. And built-in duplexors could actually reduce paper wastage in the office with two sided printing at the tips of each user.

HP Office jet Pro deliver the world’s fastest speed for a desktop color printer, reliable and low cost per page printing with up to 25% lower black cost per page than mono lasers and up to 30% lower color cost per page than color lasers for micro business, home and small business office professionals.

Using the wrong kind of printers can mean costs in a small office spiraling out of control. It’s been shown that the total cost of printing includes the ongoing costs of supplies, power and any required service. Companies hanging on to old printers these costs can really add up.

Besides savings on ongoing costs, the latest HP technology also offers dramatic productivity gains stemming from faster performance, more printing capabilities, superior network management and legendary reliability. Using these new generation Office-jet Pro all-in ones also offers more space savings ease of use and incredible print quality per rupee invested. By upgrading, organization can enjoy the benefits of a whole new range of capabilities designed to add value and increase work satisfaction.