HR Enablers


The heading implies there are enablers which reinforce Human Resource Developmental efforts. The can be in the form of training, incentives, promotions, retention measures, long term benefits like superannuation or pension etc. The enablers in turn lead to the employee benefits for high performers which in turn act as a motivation for others in the organization.

HR enablers reinforce core performances drivers. To provide another example, if a firm identifies employee productivity as a core performance driver, then “re-skilling� might be an enabler.

We encourage human resources managers to focus as much on HR enablers as they do on HR performance drivers, but to dramatically expand the concept. For instance, rather than thinking just terms of HR-focused enablers in your organization (those enablers that influence the more central HR performance drivers), try thinking about how specific HR enablers also reinforce performance drivers in the operations, customer, and financial segments of the organization.

Our experience with a major money-center bank illustrates what can happen when managers don’t connect HR enablers with various performance drivers in the broader organization. This particular bank had decided to shift the focus of its retail business from service to sales. The bank identified a set of performance drivers that included increased cross-selling to existing customers, teller product knowledge, and sales skills. However, its HR enables still emphasized service. For instance, the organization still had the following:

* Training programs that focused on service rather than sales.
* Performance appraisal and merit pay that rewarded service rather than sales.
* Hiring practices based on service competencies rather than sales competencies.
* Turnover rates undermined relationship building between tellers and retail customers.
* Low pay and benefits for tellers, who were considered overhead rather than a sources of revenue growth.

We can also interpret ‘enablers’ in HR process of a firm the same as that of a catalyst in a chemical process. The catalyst is not any direct ingredient in a chemical reaction but helps to accelerate the reaction of other chemicals. The same role is played by the enablers to enhance the performance of Human Resources to achieve the desired objectives, results and fulfill strategies of an organization.

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