Instructional design Model (ISD)

Instructional Design began and it gained mainstream recognition just over a decade ago, but the concept evolved in the early 50’s. When computer software was making an advent in the world of the American military, systems processes had to be developed and instructional design was a direct spin off this phenomenon.

The power of the internet has opened up immense potential in this sector and to a large extent instructional design technology is used to develop computer based and web-based content.

The need for instructional designers is being noticed in e-learning both in corporate training departments and educational institutions. Instructional design requires development of learning material using learning theories and instructional strategies to ensure quality of design, delivery and effectiveness of transfer of learning.

Companies and institutions are realizing that it is now possible to develop highly interactive and user-friendly tools to transfer knowledge and conduct-house training. For instances, corporate training, a focus for all forward looking companies, has now become a powerful tool to impact the bottom line, with improved business performance. Here is where the services of IDs come in handy.

Technological advancement has widened the scope of ID services manifold in the country. With a growth in the outsourcing of instructional designing works, there are more than 7,000 instructional designers in India. As more outsourcing works pour in, there would be demand for thousands of instructional designers in the near future.

The Indian e-learning industry is gradually moving towards the higher end of content development services. Briefly divided, the e-learning content development process requires course strategy / design, storyboard media and then programming.

IDs are now creating training material for learners across the globe. With many foreign and Indian e-learning companies opening shop in India and offering customized e-learning products to overseas markets, there is a growing demand for a new breed of Ids.

Earlier instructional designers were expected to write content on the basis of pre-created course designs, while today they are expected to design the courses as well.

Besides designing curricula for instructional books or manuals, an ID also offers consultation on educational television, computer based lessons and instructional video, print media and class room design.

The ID is a key cog in the e-learning development wheel. The ID defines the instructional strategy that a particular course will employ based on the course objectives, type of content and target audience, He / she ensures that the training meets the learning objectives, and quality standards are in place and adhered to. Helping to define process, defining the course outline, establishing design guidelines, reviewing content and interacting with Subject Matter Experts’s and other team members are key activities of an instructional designer on typical project.

In addition, IDs design modules that facilitate learning. They act as a bridge between technology and learning theories. Being familiar with the Instructional design Model (ISD) to create learning modules, the IDs need to incorporate adult learning principles, and different learning styles. IDs are required to transform organization learning needs to personal learning needs and analyze them.

Learning groups in an organization constitute people from various position levels and the ID design modules that facilitate learning must take into account the learning groups ability to grasp the training where the Instructional designer must use his professional skills, psychological abilities and experience to charter the Instructional design model according to the learning group. Learning groups may vary from junior level clerks to senior managers, but usually not a mixed level group. The HR department, while deciding on training programs in an organization takes care of employees’ level in the group and accordingly gives a brief to the ID.

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