Personality and motivation of an effective salesperson


An effective salesperson shows personality traits different from his peers .In fact in sales of different companies one finds that not more than20% exhibit these traits and hence contribute to 80% of sales turnover and profits. These personality traits are:


Dominance assures assertiveness .It means aggressively pursing an idea or a concept .Dominance at times may imply no opportunity being provided to the other person to put his or her point of view .When this happens we say that the person is high on dominance trait. Such people are poor listeners and normally approach the conversation or negotiation table with a mental set of “only I must win� .Effective salespeople know that selling is a negotiation process in which both parties ,i.e the buyer and the seller must have a feeling that they have won. For otherwise, the buyer may be dissatisfied or the salesperson’s firm may lose .Both are costly alternatives .So these salespeople are not high on dominance but isn’t that they are submissive ,i.e they give in to all demands of the prospect or the buyer. Rather, these salespersons show moderate degree of dominance in their negotiations with the prospect or the buyer, They empathetically listen to the prospects objection, conceptualise what these objection imply and present different alternatives to resolve the problems or manage these objections. Since these salespeople are moderate on dominance, they show respect to the prospect as an individual .In a convincing manner they present their entire� Case� ,i.e their sales appeal. They do not drop big names but use testimonials from satisfied customers to prove their point of view. Lastly , these salespeople probe the prospect and create a bundle of satisfactions around the prospects needs and expectations .So, effective salespeople show moderate degree of dominance and are certainly not submissive people.


Effective salespersons are high achievers .These are the people who enjoy their work love challenges and are intrinsically motivated External motivations like money or status does not motivate them. The driving force in them is the challenge to beat their own track record and to supersede all others. Excellence is the hallmark of these individuals .They are perfectionists and to a large extent� loners� .They are creative and innovative people .If one were to consider the case of best salesman award recipients, they all will show that they are not time clockers .For them having a satisfied customer is more important than just a single sale. Both will bring rewards .But in the former it’s a long term and recurring reward while in the latter it’s only a one time reward.


To relate to people ,to be a part of the group and make others belong to you is the affiliation motive in all of us .Some of us are high on affiliation and hence are able to develop relationships. Such people have ease in social interactions and may even be the “hub� of a social get together ,Selling involves dealing with people. and hence effective salespeople need to have this trait in them .But if they show high affiliation they may end up spending time in developing friendship and may even miss their targets. Effective salespeople show moderate affiliation, exhibit warmth in their interactions and never forget that they have to convert a prospect into a business associate.


As mentioned earlier ,effective salespeople are high achievers and hence are creative people. They always question the existing ways of performing and come out with alternatives that will help them perform the same task more effectively .New ideas and new ways to approach the existing buyers or answering the objections become the characteristic of an effective salesperson.


This trait involves people taking legitimate pride in their achievements and sharing their experiences with others. Effective salespeople are highly exhibitionist .They don’t run away from accepting laurels on their achievements Also they do not unnecessarily take credit for others accomplishments.

Problem Solving

Some individuals perceive problems as opportunities for creative thinking Others just get buried under them. Effective salespeople have been found to be high on problem solving .They are not afraid of working in new territories or meeting prospects or converting a “No� into a “Yes� .Problem solvers are logical thinker4s and hence are more welcome than others.

Thus an effective salesperson has a more positive personality and approaches sales negotiation with a mind set �I’m Ok. You are OK�. He is a winner and makes other win too.