Translate notions to realities

If one is set on an objective and has a dream and that involves money, prosperity, success, happiness then he can be sure that he is already there or closer to his objective. Now, all he has to do is to catch up with the fulfilled reams. As soon as one dreams and as soon as one visualizes attaining that dream, it is going to be certain that the dream is as good as fulfilled. Manifestation is not about working towards the fulfillment of dreams; it’s about knowing how to catch up with the already attained success. With ordinary talents and extraordinary perseverance, all things are attainable.

Everything starts as a notion, and then translates into three dimensional realities. This is true with success as well. If an individual can strongly and clearly visualize success and complete fulfillment, he or she can be assured that it has already been born and taken shape. Individual’s attitude will decide when his/her vision will be clear enough to see it in reality. If ideas, beliefs and thoughts are content with second best or are filled with doubt then the individual’s abilities and visionary gift to convert manifested idea into manifested reality will be dim indeed.

How often do we gasp at the miracle of high school drop outs, second rate singers and mediocre artists who attain world success? Newspapers are filled with stories of those who made it big, even though they had nothing more than middling talent and aptitude. But, it is not ones aptitude that determines success but it is the attitude. It is not aptitude but attitude that determines ones altitude.

Those who reach the top are those who have never learnt to accept the word ‘no’. Failure and defeat is unacceptable. Comprising with anything less than the fullest attainment of their desires is unheard of. Did they face rejection? Probably more than we do. Did they face scorn and lack of faith in their abilities? Certainly. Did these trivialities deter them? The answer lies in their faces as they are emblazoned on TV screens and magazine covers. If one wishes to be successful, cultivate a healthily thick skin and conveniently deaf ears. Do not allow cynics embittered by their own disappointments, to drag down to the level of their disbelief. He, who cannot see his own potential, will never be able to appreciate the greatness to another.

Criticism can be used as an instrument to make the criticized strong, as every harsh word becomes challenge to strive even harder. Do not judge success by how long it takes to attain it. Do we allow the distance of a foreign land to stop our feet from traversing towards their exotic beauty? Let critics be strident; be compassionate to them for they refer not to lack of ability, but their own. Do not allow the small ambitious of a skeptic make one shrink from his positive attitude.

Patience, tenacity non-acceptance of second best and unwavering faith in inner power to overcome all hurdles, make up the recipe of a prize winning attitude.

If one thinks he can, then he will; if one thinks he can’t he most certainly won’t. The ambitious individual’s thoughts will not belie him and one need not be amazed at the rags to riches stories or the self-made men. Go out there and do it.

The trophy is waiting for the ambitious and talented achiever to grab it. Achievers do not turn away because the trophy appears farther. In short focus on the goal with determination and one is bound to achieve his dreams and goals physically.